Exclusive Tx STUDIO™ Software for i-CAT® Debuts New Version

Dentists will now discover even more treatment planning possibilities with the latest version of Tx STUDIO™ 3D software for i-CAT systems. The newest features enhance Tx STUDIO’s comprehensive solution for diagnostic and treatment planning needs.

Tx STUDIO is the only software package designed for a CBCT system that includes clinical tools for implants, surgical, orthodontics, TMJ, and airway analysis. The latest release of Tx STUDIO expands the clinician’s control over viewing anatomy and treatment planning in 3D.

This system is already dynamic and robust, but the latest release features:

  • The Automatic Nerve Canal Tracing tool. It enables clinicians to quickly identify the nerve for implant placement and extraction procedures, avoiding potential surgical complications because of the clear view of the relationship between roots and implants and the nerve canal.
  • Multiple Sharpening Filters optimize each image to the clinician’s viewing preferences.
  • The Explorer tool focuses on a particular area of interest and provides an animated 360-degree view around a central point to more quickly identify problems and formulate the best treatment options.
  • The TMJ Explorer tool auto-rotates TM joints by 90 degrees with a single-click to visualize corrected angle views quickly.
  • Information can be shared with referring colleagues and specialists by burning a CD of the patient’s work-up with the Tx STUDIO Viewer.

Virtual TMJ study model

Tx STUDIO software appeals to a variety of general dentists and specialists. It can simplify and expedite implant cases from surgical placement of implant and abutment through the final restoration. Single or multiple implants can be virtually selected and placed from an extensive implant library for the best possible outcome. After scanning the patient and corresponding stone model, surgical guides from leading surgical guide providers can be conveniently ordered directly through the Tx STUDIO software.


For orthodontists, Tx STUDIO provides 3D visualization of teeth, roots and sinuses, as well as an anchor pin library for TAD placement and a 3D cephalometric analysis package which allows for the creation of ceph tracings with greater speed and accuracy than traditional 2D ceph tracings. The new face-MATCH™ photo-wrapping feature lets orthodontists visualize treatment impact by matching scan data with digital images. Other tools help the clinician to predict soft tissue changes derived from orthodontic or surgical treatments and order virtual study models.

Identify the relationship between impacted tooth roots and nerve to increase accuracy of extractions

For TMJ and airway analysis, TMJ visualization tools facilitate tracking of changes in condylar position over the course of treatment by using superimposition of changes to the TMJ complex over time. For airway analysis and treatment of sleep disorders, the tracing tool provides total airway volume, localization and area measurements of maximum constriction, and automatic color-coded constriction values of airway volume.

For those times when panoramic imaging is needed, TruPan delivers anatomically accurate and precise panoramic images from 3D scans with a single click. It saves time over traditional arch detection methods found in today’s 3D imaging programs.

i-CAT technology has built a reputation for groundbreaking, effective, predicable and practice-building results. i-CAT cone beam technology won Townie Choice Awards six years in a row, and Tx STUDIO won the “Best New Software” 2012 Dental Excellence Award from Dr. Bicuspid. The company’s focus on obtaining feedback from customers is a priority driver in the development and release of the latest tools for the most complete clinical control.

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This article was originally published in Sidekick Magazine.