Mechanical Room Reliable performance your practice can count on every day.

Mechanical Room

Reliable performance your practice can count on every day.

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Trust Your Equipment

Focus more on your patients and less on what’s happening in the mechanical room. The mechanical room houses all the important equipment such as dental air compressors, dental vacuums, and dental amalgam separators. Your practice cannot afford downtime; Henry Schein will help you select this crucial equipment for your practice needs now and for future practice growth. We work closely with you to keep your practice running efficiently and in compliance.


Partnering with Henry Schein ensures that your practice runs smoothly, with the help of our high-quality, high-functioning, mechanical room equipment. If your equipment happens to fail you, rest assured, our highly qualified team of over 800 trained dental service technicians will respond quickly to minimize downtime.   

Air Compressors

Air Compressors Designed with Proactivity

Centralized remote monitoring of dental compressed air systems will detect issues before they occur. Receive updates on operating hours, filter replacement, and error messages so they don't put a halt to your dental practice.

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Amalgam Separators

Exclusive Offers on Amalgam Separators

The EPA will require all dental practices to have amalgam separators by 2020. For a limited time, Henry Schein is offering exclusive savings to help you meet compliance standards with amalgam separators that can reduce 95% or more of amalgam waste.

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Dental Vacuums Build with Efficiency

Ensure longer service life and reliability with dental vacuums that will turn off and on automatically by sensors to reflect patient flow and operating times - all while functioning quietly!

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  • This refreshed facility lets us breathe a little better, knowing that everything is new and won't require so many repairs. It is an absolute pleasure to work with all of our new equipment.

    - Susan G. Rifkin, DDS
    Susan G. Rifkin, DDS & Associates | Atlanta, GA