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Dental Air Compressors

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Discover the Power of Clean, Dry Air with Advanced Dental Air Compressors

A dental air compressor is often referred to as the “heart and lungs” of a practice — and for good reason. Designed to deliver a reliable and consistent source of high-quality, compressed air — and typically housed in a dental mechanical room — an air compressor is a critical piece of equipment that makes it possible to power a range of tools safely and hygienically, including dental handpieces, air-water syringes, ultrasonic scalers and nitrous oxide systems. And, as technology continues to advance, dental air compressors are becoming more effective, powerful and better equipped at meeting the highest infection control standards, with features ranging from oil-less operation to advanced filtration, noise reduction and cloud-based monitoring. 


Ensure a safe, efficient and contaminant-free dental environment by upgrading to the latest dental compressor technology today. Browse our extensive lineup from brands such as A-dec, Air Techniques, Midmark and more.

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