Sterilization Room Maintain infection control and an efficient workflow.

Sterilization Room

Maintain infection control and an efficient workflow.

Manage Infection Control with Confidence

The health and safety of patients and staff is paramount in the dental setting. Luckily, keeping your dental practice clean is easily achieved! From best-in-class dental sterilization equipment, autoclaves, and sterilizers, to expertly designed sterilization centers, Henry Schein will automate your sterilization procedures to provide peace-of-mind without adding to your staff’s workload. You will be able to remotely monitor your dental sterilization processes, so you are always able to be chairside with your patients.

Top 5 Sterilization Designs

Top 5 Sterilization Area Designs

Show patients you value their safety by incorporating a streamlined infection control and sterilization dental design. Read about 5 dental practices who created effective and efficient sterilization processes.

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If It's Not Clean, It Can't Be Sterilized

No matter what your office size or your volume of instruments, SciCan has a flexible solution for your practice. Don't get stuck in the steri-center, HYDRIM gets you back chairside, quickly and safely.

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Sterilization Center

Streamline Infection Control

Instrument processing involves many complex steps but is essential to ensure your dental instruments are clean. Implement a sterilization center with a dental coordinated cassette to save up to 60 minutes a day.

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  • One of my focuses during our remodel was to create an efficient, state-of-the-art sterilization center that my whole team would take pride in. Now one of my favorite areas is our sterilization center because it gives me confidence knowing that we are offering the most sterile environment for my patients.


    - Michael Sulens, DDS
    Sulens Dental Studio | Zanesville, OH
  • Top 5 Sterilization Area Designs

    Top 5 Sterilization Area Designs

    Sterilization may not be the first thing that comes to a patient’s mind when choosing a dentist. Normally, it’s more about efficient treatment plans or cost-effective care methods. But, why not give a patient another reason to choose your practice?

  • Can a Sterilization Center Save Your Staff Time?

    Can a Sterilization Center Save Your Staff Time?

    Sterilization is a vital, but time consuming, part of the daily routine in a dental office. So naturally, a centrally located sterilization center that maximizes flow, efficiency, and materials turnover is key.