CAD/CAM Technology Intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM mills for digital impressioning and single-visit dentistry.

CAD/CAM Technology

Intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM mills for digital impressioning and single-visit dentistry.

Transform your practice through CAD/CAM dentistry

“Digital dentistry” is transitioning from a catchphrase to the status-quo as dental practices incorporate intraoral scanners, in-office milling machines and design software. Over 30 percent of dentists own an intraoral scanner for digital impressioning (DI) and over 25 percent of dentists provide same-day crowns through CAD/CAM Dentistry. The reason for this growth is that CAD/CAM and DI are mutually beneficial for patients and practices. Doctors can create restorations with an improved fit and aesthetic, which means fewer, faster and more comfortable visits for patients.


To realize these results, doctors and their staff must find a partner that has expertise in each step of CAD/CAM and DI workflow. A partner that acts in a doctor’s best interest from the first handshake to the last day before retirement. A partner like Henry Schein.

3Shape MOVE

Make Your Appointments Interactive

Intraoral scanners can drive case acceptance by engaging patients in their treatment. Some scanners display images chair-side to show patients the smile they can achieve.

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Planmeca FIT

Expand Your Treatment Options

The Planmeca CAD/CAM system delivers a seamless experience from acquisition to milling, making it easy to add specialities like implantology to your practice.

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Improve Your Staff's Efficiency

CAD/CAM dentistry can streamline your staff's schedule by reducing both communications with labs and the need to schedule multiple appointments for each patient.

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  • Fewer appointments means happier patients! The predictability of having a final restoration delivered the same day makes both patient and doctor happy since there aren’t temporary crown surprises after hours.

    - Sarah Pless, DDS
    Renaissance Dental Studio | Wilmington, NC
  • How to Choose the Right Intraoral Scanner

    How to Choose the Right Intraoral Scanner

    Be sure to review the different applications, features, and manufacturers of intraoral scanners, as well as your total cost of ownership and ROI, before selecting a digital impressioning scanner for you and your practice. Henry Schein Dental’s Product Category Manager for Digital Restorations, Tyler Steck, narrows down the top 10 considerations to take into account.