CAD/CAM Technology Intraoral Scanners and CAD/CAM Mills for more convenient restorations for doctors and patients.

CAD/CAM Technology

Intraoral Scanners and CAD/CAM Mills for more convenient restorations for doctors and patients.

CAD/CAM Dental and Digital Impressioning with Henry Schein

“Digital dentistry” is transitioning from a catchphrase to the status-quo as dental practices incorporate intraoral scanners, in-office milling machines and design software. Over 30 percent of dentists own an intraoral scanner for digital impressioning (DI) and over 25 percent of dentists provide same-day crowns through CAD/CAM Dentistry. The reason for this growth is that CAD/CAM and DI are mutually beneficial for patients and practices. Doctors can create restorations with an improved fit and aesthetic, which means fewer, faster and more comfortable visits for patients.


To realize these results, doctors and their staff must find a partner that has expertise in each step of CAD/CAM and DI workflow. A partner that acts in a doctor’s best interest from the first handshake to the last day before retirement. A partner like Henry Schein.

3Shape MOVE

Scanners That Help Educate Patients

The 3Shape TRIOS® MOVE helps drive case acceptance by engaging patients in their treatment, displaying images chairside to show the smile they can have with your help.

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Planmeca FIT

CAD/CAM Technology Built for Compatibility

Single-visit dentistry demands flawless communication between equipment. The Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM system delivers with a scanner, mill, and software built to integrate.

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Digital Solutions That Grow With You

The CEREC system from Dentsply Sirona helps doctors wade into digital dentistry. Start with intraoral scanning and evolve into CAD/CAM with overhauling your workflow or IT.

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  • The digital workflow lets us educate patients continuously, a key aspect of our mission. Every time a patient can visualize what is happening in their mouths, it's easier for them to understand the proposed treatment plan and the ways improved oral health will positively affect them in the long run.

    - Karen Becerra, DDS, MPH
    Gary & Mary West Senior Dental Center | San Diego, CA
  • Digital Dentistry: The Best Care Available!

    Digital Dentistry: The Best Care Available!

    Today’s CAD/CAM workflow and materials have elevated restorative work to lab quality and expanded the possibilities for its use. With the option to utilize same-day in-house milling or to work with a lab, CAD/CAM meets the growing desire of patients to receive same-day dentistry while delivering exceptional grade quality and aesthetics.

  • The Hidden Cost of Your Time

    The Hidden Cost of Your Time

    Same-day dentistry offers a quicker, more comfortable, more convenient option for patients, but even more significant might be the time it frees up for doctors. What is your time worth? Quite a bit — it’s the greatest asset in your practice. When doctors can reduce chair time or fit in more patients, it has a positive impact on the bottom line. Read how time savings needs to be part of the ROI calculation any doctor makes when considering a CAD/CAM purchase.

  • Guided Implant Placement Supported by CEREC®

    Guided Implant Placement Supported by CEREC®

    Patients appreciate the ease and comfort of implants, and doctors can bring this profitable service in-house using four steps: scan, plan, place, and restore. Read how CEREC technology is helping doctors integrate implant dentistry into their practices.