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Air Purifiers for Dental Practices

The air quality of a dental office is not visible yet contains unhealthy and often infectious airborne particulate which results from practicing dentistry. The high traffic public access of dental offices can introduce bacterial, viral and fungal infections into the air. In addition, the furniture, dental contamination in dental offices has been evident and often increasing.

Dental offices greatly benefit from purifying their indoor air with an Air Purification System (APS) by reducing the transmittable contaminants. Air purification and filtration systems which clean by constantly drawing out polluted indoor air and exhausting clean filtered air into each room are the recommended solution. In addition, some units have a Negative Ion generator that refreshes the indoor air to making the air healthy and energetic; and helps combat afternoon fatigue.

Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems are crucial to efficiently remove all the air pollutants created in the dental office. An effective air purifier must be capable of removing, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, bacteria, odors, as well as killing germs and viruses using UV-C light.

Air Flow Capacity

Dentists should understand the cubic feet per minute (CFM) that their air purifier needs to handle; length x width x height of the room. It is important to turn-over dental office air at least once every 30 minutes for proper efficacy.

Sound Level

As the movement of air generates sound, yet it should not infringe on the working environment. If an air purifier is too loud and needs to turned down to a lower level; the air flow capacity (CFM) and efficacy will both be reduced. 

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