Dental Office Design

  • Tales from the Pandemic: A New-Build Dental Practice Takes Hold in Manhattan

    Building out a new dental office at the onset of a global pandemic sounds like a potential for pandemonium. It could have been, but it wasn’t. Learn how Dr. Leonard Kundel partnered with Henry Schein Dental to open his second practice, Holistic Dentistry.
  • The First Step in Practice Safety: Good Practice Design

    Any successful dental practice remodel or new-build plan needs to follow sound design principles. These principles are even more important today due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A well-designed office can help you safeguard your team and patients, as well as manage infection control. Part of creating the optimal dental practice floor plan involves organizing spaces into “zones” that have a common function. Proper zoning drives efficiencies and helps to prevent cross-contamination hazards that can lead to transmission of contaminants.
  • Infectious Disease Control Through Design

    When it comes to building a dental office, good design is at the heart of the entire practice. Henry Schein Integrated Design Studio focuses on design so the practitioner can focus on patient care. Read how to control infectious disease through design.
  • Indiana Dental Practice Builds Second Modern Office to Maximize Growth Potential

    Dr. Moody Wasif of Moody Dental has always delivered incredible care to patients in his same-day dentistry practice in Indiana. Now, after moving his second office to a new, built-out space that has quadrupled his capacity, he has experienced incredible growth and the ability to use his advanced technology to its utmost potential while keeping patients safe.
  • Going All-In On Dental Technology in Boca Raton, Florida

    With a focus on cutting-edge technology, Dr. Maria Magalhaes built a dental practice that provides a VIP ambiance and treatments, while also providing the doctor and her staff with a spectacular place to work and care for patients. She’s added additional technology and workflows into her practice in response to COVID-19 as well.
  • Espire Dental Adds De Novo Practice To Its Expanding Family of Practices in Colorado

    Espire Dental in Denver is an innovative multi-site practice that brings four doctor-owners together with a corporate structure that is helping them expand their high-touch patient care more quickly. They recently completed a new build out to replace an aging location, and with every piece of advanced technology in place, it’s already doubled production.
  • Emerson Dental's Second Office Creates More Capacity For Growing Practice

    Significant growth led Dr. Gregory Wu to a crossroads in his general dentistry practice in Westford, Massachusetts. He could move for a third time to gain expanded space or stay put but build a second location. Learn how Henry Schein’s Dental Business Institute helped him determine that a second location in Bedford was the right fit for his growth plan.
  • Start-up Specialty Practice: What to Know Before you Break Ground

    Creating the right design for your dental practice is about more than aesthetics. There are many must-have design elements that can make the practice highly productive while minimizing stress for staff.
  • Park Plaza Dental Redesign: More Space Means More Smiles

    Dr. Mona Mahmoodi of Park Plaza Dental, in Petaluma, California, celebrated the grand opening of her dental office. This new office was designed with efficiency in mind - central sterilization system, single-entry treatment rooms, and top-of-the-line equipment. Read why she chose Henry Schein as her trusted partner. Read More
  • Kids Will Cheer: Gramercy Pediatric Dentistry is Here

    Dr. Jeremy Dixon of Gramercy Pediatric Dentistry, in Brooklyn, New York, celebrated the grand opening of his second dental office. This new office boasts top-of-the-line pediatric design trends and equipment to go along with it. Read why he chose Henry Schein as his trusted partner.
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