Dental Technology

  • Plug & Play: A Dental Office Network in a Box

    If you could purchase a single package to secure your IT infrastructure, would it be worth it? OmniCore is a "network in a box" option for dental practices. Read More...
  • Henry Schein One: Time to Connect!

    Dentrix G7's latest update, Smart Image, makes it easier for doctors to import images to the patient file from nearly any manufacturer. Read More...
  • Emergency Guided Implant with CEREC

    By Yao-Lin Tang, DDS An emergency patient was referred with a broken tooth No. 9. It had previously been treated with a root canal and crown, but the tooth had fractured. Because the patient lives about an hour and a half from my office, I decided to do an immediate implant...
  • Digital Dentistry's Bottom Line

    Dr. Gary Kaye has been using digital dental technology in his practice for 15 years, from chairside CAD/CAM to 3D scanning and printing, and other technologies. Here, he describes how technology saves the practice significant time and costs, while also engaging patients so that they keep coming back for more...
  • Keeping Your Patient Data Off the Dark Web

    Keeping patient date off the dark web, the hidden corner of the internet where cyber criminals buy and sell patient health care information, is a necessity. Find out how WatchGuard all-in-one network security solution protects practice data. Learn More...
  • Refitting a Practice with Software that Fits

    Drs. Beth Jacobsen and Beth Shaw outgrew their practice management software. When they began shopping for a new system, they wanted it to be easy to use from anywhere and compatible for use by multiple doctors. Dentrix met the challenge. Read More...
  • CBCT and Digital Scanning for the Implant Workflow

    Implant dentistry can be fully digital using a combination of 3D cone beam imaging and digital scanning. Together they capture precise measurements that lead to a streamlined process and superior implant placement. Read More...
  • The Basics of CAD/CAM Dental Milling

    CAD/CAM technology has helped to transform the manner in which restorative treatment can be provided. In particular, the ability to provide patients with single-visit indirect restorations is appreciated by clinicians and patients. Chairside milling produces restorations that are at least as accurate as traditionally fabricated indirect restorations. Chairside milling also allows clinicians to optimize the process flow, reducing chairside time, increasing efficiency, and saving patients additional visits.
  • How to Choose the Right Intraoral Scanner

    Be sure to review the different applications, features, and manufacturers of intraoral scanners, as well as your total cost of ownership and ROI, before selecting a digital impressioning scanner for you and your practice. Henry Schein Dental’s Product Category Manager for Digital Restorations, Tyler Steck, narrows down the top 10 considerations to take into account.
  • Same-Day Crowns with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner and Planmeca PlanMill

    Digital scanning technology paired with chairside milling has made same-day restorations more affordable than ever.

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