Dental Imaging

  • Five Reasons to Incorporate 3D Imaging in your Dental Practice

    If you are in general dentistry, you may think 3D imaging isn’t necessary for the care you provide. However, this robust technology provides powerful benefits you might not have considered. As high-tech solutions are increasingly expected by your patients, this is a good time to take a fresh look at how a 3D cone beam could benefit your practice. Read More...
  • 3D Imaging: Is it for Every Dental Practice?

    Versatile and powerful, cone beam units are moving into more general dentistry practices because they simply help all doctors in all specialties do what they do best even better – deliver high-quality health care in a high-tech, convenient, comfortable way to patients with more accurate results and solutions. Read More...
  • Versatility in the Palm of Your Hands

    Mobility and flexibility are the main adjectives that describe the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 digital X-ray unit. Learn how one doctor incorporated it alongside his traditional wall-mounted units.
  • Why I Chose to Adopt 3D Imaging

    Even though he was impressed by the precise, comprehensive images captured by 3D X-ray systems, Dr. Steven Hernandez didn't think the technology was right for him. Read how he decided to make the investment and why it's essential to his daily operations. Read More...
  • DEXIS Titanium by KaVo - A Revolutionary Leap in Sensor Technology

    The new DEXIS Titanium sensor captures consistent, extraordinary, high-quality images with improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels, especially at lower doses. New components are integrated using proprietary methods that give DEXIS Titanium a distinct advantage in image quality thereby creating phenomenal radiographs that instill greater confidence in diagnosis. Read More...
  • Digital Imaging Solutions: A First-Hand Experience

    Integrating ACTEON products into his Mac-based environment has been smooth and easy for Dr. Rudy Paolucci, who invested in the ACTEON PSPIX2 phosphor plate system, SOPIX2 intraoral sensors, and SoproCARE intraoral camera. Read about the benefits he's experienced. Read More...
  • CBCT and Digital Scanning for the Implant Workflow

    Implant dentistry can be fully digital using a combination of 3D cone beam imaging and digital scanning. Together they capture precise measurements that lead to a streamlined process and superior implant placement. Read More...
  • Panoramic Radiography

    Panoramic radiography has been an important component of dental diagnostic radiology for over 40 years.
  • Exclusive Tx STUDIO™ Software for i-CAT® Debuts New Version

    See how the latest software release expands control over viewing anatomy and treatment planning in 3-D.
  • Putting Caries Detection to Use

    Engaging patients in their own care decisions is much easier when they see what their dentist sees. DEXIS CariVu helps doctors monitor caries to determine when to take action or when to wait. With no radiation, it’s appealing for patients who do not want X-rays or are not yet due for them. Find out how one doctor has seen DEXIS CariVu positively impact his workflow and patient experience.

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