Dental Education

  • Discrimination Lawsuits on the Rise: Top Ways to Protect your Practice

    Emerging laws – as well as anxiety over the pandemic – are causing a spike in discrimination lawsuits. Employees’ stress level is very high, due to health and financial worries over COVID-19. This is exacerbating HR situations. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce your risk profile so your practice can thrive amid these challenges.
  • 2019 Year-End Tax Planning: Deductions, Equipment Purchases, and Overall Tax Strategies & Updates

    Join Henry Schein Dental and Mark Rosen, CPA, CFP®, and partner in Rosen & Associates, LLP, a leading accounting firm specializing in the dental industry with experience servicing over 800 dental practices, for a webinar on November 5th. We will review the best ways to navigate the 2019 tax laws and learn strategies to maximize year-end tax planning, better understand how to take advantage of the new tax laws, reduce your tax burden, and leverage the deductions utilizing Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code for year-end equipment purchases. Watch Now!
  • Digital Dentistry's Bottom Line

    We’ve made technology the centerpiece of our practice, and it’s been phenomenal. Digital technology has improved the quality of our restorations as well as our level of competency, and ultimately, our bottom line.
  • Swimming with the Sharks: An Introduction to In-House Discount Plans

    In this dental practice management article, Dr. Charles Blair discusses the advantages of offering an in-house discount plan to keep the chairs in your dental practice filled.
  • The Tax Deductions That Many Dentists Miss

    With such a complex tax code in the United States, it’s no wonder many dentists are missing deductions that would save them money. Learn the five most common deductions missed and why it’s vital to work with a knowledgeable accountant to find those that apply to your business.
  • Writing Narratives That Will Result in Reimbursement

    Dr. Charles Blair identifies some of the challenges in writing a narrative and offers advice that will better focus you when dealing with these challenges.
  • New Dental X-Ray Guidelines: How They Will Affect Your Practice

    INTRODUCTION In October, we published a report outlining the potential impact of the National Council on Radiation Protection’s new guidelines, as detailed in the NCRP’s Report #145 and published in Dentistry Today.1 In this article, we identify a simple, economical approach and product that will help dentists conform to some...
  • Billing Medical for Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

    3D imaging is vital for some dental procedures and extremely valuable in others. Many patients will seek coverage of the imaging from their medical plans. Therefore, dentists must understand the intricacies of submitting CBCT imaging claims with the proper billing codes to increase the likelihood of coverage.
  • Don’t Fail Your Next Exam

    Dr. Charles Blair takes the confusion out of insurance coding by using clinical scenarios and outlining common misconceptions.
  • Section 179 Tax Deduction FAQs

    Section 179 Tax FAQs for your knowledge!

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