Dr. Ruben Cohen Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery

Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery – New York, NY

Dr. Ruben Cohen

State-of-the-art equipment, a prime location, and style elements that harmoniously combine both classical and contemporary design features make Dr. Ruben Cohen’s New York City, New York office, Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery, a dream come true.

Left to right: Paige Boller Malik; Lee Goldstein, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Ruben Cohen

“I told myself that the sooner I begin, the sooner I will be up and running Manhattan’s premier oral and maxillofacial surgery practice!”

The practice fulfills the Doctor’s vision for a high-end, chic boutique-like dental office with plenty of upscale sophistication and a high regard for the building site’s architectural details. “It took me almost three years to figure out how to do it,” comments the Doctor. “…Where to open… a solid business plan, and the capital to make it happen. [I wanted] a modern style with traditional elements since it’s on the ground floor of a pre-WWII building and I did not want to lose the essence of that period.”

Although the economy had taken a downfall and everyone advised the Doctor that the time was perhaps not optimal for such an endeavor, he did not follow that logic. “I believed the opposite,” he notes. “This was a perfect time to negotiate a great deal on a prime real estate location and do my build out for an affordable price since construction in Manhattan has also significantly slowed down. The office used to be an orthopedist’s office, which had not been renovated in over two decades. I completely gutted the space and rebuilt it. I wanted to do this once, do it right, and hopefully never have to do this again until I have outgrown my space and am ready to build a new office three times as big! Square footage is always the limiting factor in Manhattan. My goal was to find an office that would enable me to have 4 fully equipped surgical rooms, so that as my practice grows, I can have a second surgeon work with me; with each of us having 2 dedicated operatories available for treatment.”

Dr. Cohen’s personal and professional life was evolving. He had finished residency—and he and his wife were awaiting the birth of their second child. Realizing that it takes a long time to build an established and reputable business, he decided to make his move. “I told myself that the sooner I begin, the sooner I will be up and running Manhattan’s premier oral and maxillofacial surgery practice!”

Dr. Cohen turned to his Equipment Sales Specialist Lee Goldstein for advice. Lee introduced the Doctor to the rest of his team. They then began evaluating locations for the business and also created a preliminary floor plan to see if the space would work for the projected needs of the practice. “Henry Schein Dental’s Specialists…were extremely helpful,” comments the Doctor. “They visited multiple spaces with me and took measurements. I valued their time, and was extremely appreciative of what they did for me. Their team helped me develop a realistic budget and accomplish realistic expectations.”

The office’s elegant and restrained décor successfully marries sleek, modern cabinetry, cool marble surfaces on counters and floors, and neutral wall colors with French neoclassical furnishing accents such as nickel-plated sconces in the hallways and a plush velvet couch in the reception area. The result is stunning—understated and artistically impactful.

The same mood prevails in a room that has been specially designated for the younger clientele. Here, you’ll find a floor­to-ceiling, three-dimensional white lacquer tree with birds and butterflies made from an assortment of organic and sustainable materials such as wood, leather, and steel. The composition creates a bit of whimsy and fantasy—just the right touch for a bit of delightful distraction during treatment!

Park Avenue Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery enjoys the streamlined and convenient advantage that a fully digital setup offers staff and patients. Clutter is gone, replaced by well-organized files that are just a click away. Corresponding with collaborating dentists is easy and stress-free. Referring dentists who visit the office are impressed with the cutting-edge equipment. “Dentists want to send their patients to an office that [is prepared to deliver high-quality care with the latest in technologies—and an expert staff dedicated to excellence],” comments Dr. Cohen. “The best feeling is walking into the office every morning and knowing that you have built the office of your dreams—and that nothing can stop you from creating a successful practice that will distinguish you from your peers!”


Designed by: Henry Schein National Design Group

Featured Equipment:

Aribex Intraoral X-ray
DEXIS Digital Sensors
Gendex GXCB-500 HD
Cone Beam CT Midmark M11 Sterilizer
Porter Wall Mount Flowmeters
SciCan Statim 5000 Sterilizer