Dr. Greg Evans, Big Grins Pediatric Dentistry Fort Collins, Colorado

“I wanted to invest in an energy-efficient building that would save in the long run and look more desirable to potential buyers in 20 years time,” comments Dr. Evans.

Instead of contributing to the detritus from today’s fast-paced consumer lifestyle, this office has harnessed a wide variety of green-based choices to unfold a unique, highly productive business that realizes greater efficiency and profitability through adherence to guidelines that reduce its energy footprint. Big Grins opened its doors in July 2008. Housed within the first building in Northern Colorado to be designated as Platinum-level LEED certified, Dr. Evans’ office is also the first dental office to practice at the Gold LEED level.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) program uses a rating system that is the nationally recognized standard for green buildings. To become certified, projects must earn “points” within each of LEED’s five categories: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. “I wanted to invest in an energy-efficient building that would save in the long run and look more desirable to potential buyers in 20 years time,” comments Dr. Evans. “Its environmental controls make it more user friendly for the staff and patients. With the Gold level, we had a host of innovations that gave us both energy efficiency and green-conscious decor that our patients’ families admired and felt comfortable in. We choose a plenum flooring heating/cooling system, which was the first of its kind in Northern Colorado. Solar power and on-demand water heaters feed the system that flows through the floor. Forced air pushes heat or A/C where needed…this should save huge amounts on our heating/ cooling costs.”

Henry Schein Dental’s Equipment and Design Specialists helped bring this exceptional marriage of concepts in green awareness and high-level dental technologies to fruition. “Henry Schein proved to be head and shoulders above their competitors. Their willingness to help design the practice, work with contractors, and offer technology solutions were in line with my high-tech, green mentality. The entire Henry Schein Dental team came to town to meet with me,” recalls Dr. Evans. “The Equipment Sales Specialist, Field Sales Consultant, Technology Sales Specialist and Regional Manager-all of us in one place made decision-making easy. No other company came close to their customer service, which I consider very important in my own practice. I felt we were a good fit and we understood each other.”

Some of the office’s technology choices included digital radiography, Dentrix practice-management software, and KaVo handpieces for their reliability and options selection. The Doctor spent a whole day with the team at the Denver Midwinter Meeting, looking at and purchasing equipment. “The team was absolutely wonderful in taking the time to show me items, educate me, and review how the practice would benefit,” notes Dr. Evans. “They were there to educate in a way that simplified the entire process for my staff. We had numerous seminars on the digital radiographs. That training paid off. We have not lost a single X-ray or had a system failure.”

The result? A 9-operatory facility with a floor plan that provides maximum mobility for the patients and staff and a bevy of special features that have made Big Grins the “place to be” for pediatric dentistry. Dr. Evans philosophy of patient care is evident as the office’s theme unfolds. Its nurturing environment meets the dental healthcare needs of children aged 0–18, combining education, treatment, and huge amounts of fun for all!

Beginning in the comfortable and quiet reception area, you’ll find amenities for a relaxing wait. The Doctor’s office, business office, and conference area are conveniently positioned for privacy. Only footsteps away are an amazing array of kid-friendly accommodations that take this dental office way over the top.

“My staff is completely at home and proud of the new office,” comments Dr. Evans. “Everyone enjoys their time [here]; it’s palpable as soon as you walk in the front door.”

Two distinctive play areas have been created to offer children and teens activities that provide amusement and recreation. The children’s room incorporates a delightful play scenario composed of soft sculpture that mimics a nature preserve (complete with bears!), computer games, and an 8-foot, round rotating climbing wall—all guaranteed to make waiting for treatment a breeze. Next door, the signage calls out Teen Room…PG-13, fair warning for a very cool place that has plenty of way-above-average fixtures for the older patient, including Wii games and an iPOD station.

Left to right: Jason Krause, Regional Manager; Maryann Johnson, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Greg Evans; Jim Ferrell, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dan Powers, Service Technician.

The clinical area’s open concept layout gives the impression of a large friendly classroom with various treatment spaces for the kids. Big Grins also offers infant dental care exams that gradually introduce the doctor/patient experience to the very young. Teenage patients are seen in a separate treatment area with a sports paraphernalia motif and larger chairs.

“My staff is completely at home and proud of the new office,” comments Dr. Evans. “Everyone enjoys their time [here]; it’s palpable as soon as you walk in the front door. Other offices in the area have had flat growth…our patient numbers and word-of-mouth referrals have skyrocketed and my dentist-to¬dentist referrals went up also. I think we are making a difference in the lives of our patient families. It is as simple and profound as that.”

Big Grins is perfectly positioned for years of continuous growth. Dr. Evans’ forward-looking focus has made his office an outstanding example of design elements that have the “star quality” to attract patients, substantive and resilient technologies for better patient care, and environmentally sound “green” product choices that will carry the office successfully into the future.

Featured Equipment:

  • DentalEZ Ramvac Vacuum
  • Gendex 9200 Digital Panoramic
  • KaVo Quattrocare
  • Pelton & Crane 1800 Series Chair
  • Pelton & Crane VistaPure Sterilization Water System
  • Pelton & Crane VistaClear Treatment Water System
  • Progeny Preva DC
  • Intra Oral X-ray
  • SciCan Statim 5000