Seeing is Believing with the New 3Shape TRIOS MOVE and Apps

If you can visually show a patient what they need, the patient gets excited and is more likely to accept your treatment proposal. Using an intraoral scanner can help accomplish this. But positioning the intraoral scanner’s screen in the operatory is challenging. Ergonomically, the doctor needs to see it when scanning, as does the patient when seeing the results.

We developed 3Shape TRIOS MOVE – a brand-new hardware setup that makes it easier for doctors to share their intraoral scans with patients and excite them but also ergonomically move the setup. TRIOS MOVE can be adjusted in any direction to ensure the screen is in the right position: both ergonomically and for maximum visual impact.

The new hardware setup places the 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner, full HD touch screen, and optimized PC on a lightweight, fully-adjustable TRIOS MOVE. All 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanners work seamlessly with TRIOS MOVE. Doctors already owning the intraoral scanner can purchase the TRIOS MOVE setup separately.

Apps that excite your patients: We have developed apps for TRIOS that enable doctors to visually demonstrate treatment proposals onscreen and better monitor a patient’s dental situation. As with TRIOS MOVE, the apps are built on the idea that “seeing is believing.” 3Shape has even just launched a patient app that displays a patient’s intraoral scans on their phone.

Here’s a quick look at some of the apps being added to the rapidly growing portfolio of 3Shape patient-engagement applications.


3Shape TRIOS Patient Monitoring* Enables dentists to compare patient scans between visits to monitor changes in a patient’s dental status. Insights are sharable with patients to gain treatment acceptance.

3Shape TRIOS Smile Design Simply take a photo of a patient’s face and easily create new beautiful teeth in minutes. Share the photo-realistic image with patients to excite them and advance treatment acceptance. Designs can be seamlessly shared with labs to create restorative components.

3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator* Scan patients and show them their present dentition compared to the simulated results of orthodontic treatment to drive case approval.

My3Shape – patient app* Dentists can securely share 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scans with patients through the My3Shape iPhone app. They can view their scans and discuss treatment options with family and friends.

Seeing is believing: Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, owner of NYC Prosthodontists and a strong proponent of digital technology, shared this example of how “seeing is believing” and CAD/CAM promote patient acceptance at his practice. He had a patient with a cracked tooth on the lingual side. Dr. Ferencz says, “In the old days, I would try with a mirror to take a photo. By the time I took the photo, got it loaded on the computer or an iPad, it was 20 minutes. The patient is looking at his watch, thinking about getting out of here… In situations like these, speed is key. So now I take a scan.

*Coming soon – for availability, please contact your Henry Schein representative.

This article was originally published in Sidekick Magazine.

About the Author: Rune Fisker, Vice President of Product Strategy, was 3Shape’s very first employee. He is an integral driver of the company’s solution-orientated innovation. Rune’s vision is for the 3Shape open ecosystem, driven by our technology, to enable dental professionals to deliver forward-looking, esthetic, and predictable dentistry for better patient care. Rune holds a Ph.D. from Denmark’s Technical University.