Five Reasons to Incorporate 3D Imaging in your Dental Practice


3D dental imaging is rapidly becoming the standard of care in all of dentistry, not just specialty fields. If you are a doctor who looks at the precision of this equipment and thinks it’s “overkill” for the patients you see, it may be time to rethink that assumption. Our world incorporates digital experiences more deeply into everyday life, and your patients expect it to be part of their care. Most dental practices can grow beyond what they expect by investing in 3D imaging. Let’s review five reasons why 3D imaging might be right for your practice.

More Accurate Diagnostics

More accurate diagnostics for 3d cone beam solutions

A cone beam CT captures digital images of teeth, soft and hard tissues, and nerve pathways. With a single 360-degree pass around the head, the CBCT can capture more precise images than 2D X-rays. These images can be used across many different applications. Digital images are superior to a typical pano or intraoral image, spotlighting areas not visible any other way.

For an implant dentist, a cone beam provides a GPS-type navigation heading into surgery. He or she can view bone and nerve pathways ahead of time, so complications can be solved before surgery. Surgical guides can also be fabricated from these accurate measurements, so doctor and patient have the utmost confidence in implant placement. Cone beam units have benefits that surpass implant dentistry, thanks to the versatility of the technology.

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Higher Case Acceptance

More casesDr. Gary Kaye was an early adopter of digital technology, and he uses a cone beam in conjunction with same-day dentistry in his highly successful practice in Manhattan, New York.

“When I blow up a 3D cone beam image to show what is going on with the patient, it is completely mind blowing,” he explained. “I still look in awe at all we are seeing. It is a game changer – no question. Patients point to the screen and see it. It’s certainly one of the things that has changed the way we practice.”

Cone beam images do the talking when it comes to discussing treatment with patients. Usually displayed on a monitor above the operatory chair, you can walk patients through the pathology you see, pointing to the areas of concern. When patients view the diagnosis, they become advocates in selecting their care.

Having made the investment in high-tech equipment in your office shows patients you value the highest quality care. It also creates confidence and trust, leading to greater acceptance of your recommendations.

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Improved Patient Experience

Improved patient experience

Improved patient experience means a lot of different things, but in digital dentistry, it primarily means the patient is more comfortable and procedures can be done more quickly or easily.

Sending patients out to another location to have an image taken is inconvenient. With a cone beam in-house, they can remain in your office, with staff they know -- no driving across town or waiting days or weeks for another appointment. Then, a few minutes later, they can view those images with you and discuss next steps. It’s quick, simple, and easy, and can lead to a higher level of satisfaction. What patient wouldn’t love to have everything done in one appointment and one location? A cone beam helps you better predict outcomes and adjust your treatment regimen, which leads to happier patients.

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Seamless Digital WorkflowSeamless workflow

Each piece of digital technology, on its own, can transform a dental practice and contribute to its profitability. When 3D cone beam systems are connected to other digital equipment, you create an interconnected workflow that maximizes the features of each while saving staff time and extra steps. Working with a knowledgeable equipment sales representative helps determine the purchases that will expand your capabilities and allow the addition of other technologies as time goes on.

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ProfitabilityGreater Practice Profitability

Cone beams can pay for themselves in several ways. First, because so much data is captured in a single X-ray done right onsite, diagnoses are quicker and more accurate. This leads to more efficient patient treatment in fewer visits. Having a cone beam also attracts new patients who expect a highly skilled doctor using the latest techniques. A 3D unit also allows general dentistry practices to move into new areas of dentistry, like sleep dentistry or TMJ treatment. A cone beam isn’t just for complex procedures; it is being used successfully in all areas of dentistry. Patients appreciate a practice using the most advanced techniques and equipment. Staff appreciate workflows that minimize steps and inefficiencies. Doctors enjoy the ability to expand their services, provide better outcomes, and offer superior patient care. For many offices today, a cone beam is a win-win.



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