Dental Technology

  • Moving from Analog to Digital Workflows in Dentistry

    Digital technology improves dental practices in three important ways. Learn how 3D printing can improve your quality and cost of digital dentistry.
  • Seeing is Believing with the New 3Shape TRIOS MOVE and Apps

    3Shape is taking its intraoral scanner technology to the next level by introducing TRIOS MOVE, an innovative hardware setup, along with apps, that expand sharing and viewing options.
  • Making Your Digital Dentistry Shine

    Building the right IT infrastructure around your dental equipment and your practice operations is important, and working with a vendor who understands the unique needs of dentistry ensures it’s set up eff ectively. Learn how Henry Schein TechCentral approaches IT infrastructure with a three-pronged approach: hardware, software, and data security.
  • Manage Your Patient Referrals Information in Dentrix

    Keeping track of referrals and referral sources is a vital discipline that directly benefits your bottom line. Read step-by-step instructions of how Dentrix’s Document Center can store and display your referrals and provider gratuities. Read More...
  • A Platform to Connect It All

    Practice management software is the backbone of an effective office, but even backbones need to bend to accommodate new advances. Dentrix, in response to the growing desire for add-on technology components, opened its software to third-party partners. Dentrix does much more than record keeping—it’s a comprehensive solution for pulling together all parts of the business. Read More...
  • Streamlining the Implant Workflow

    One of the most powerful benefits of digital intraoral scanners like the 3Shape TRIOS scanner is the ability to “see” the results of a procedure before it’s been done. Doctors can complete a restoration virtually and make adjustments before a single change is made to the mouth. Learn how one doctor uses the intraoral scanner to maximize the efficiency of their workflow while offering patients the most fast, comfortable, and precise experience. Read More...
  • Ransomware Attacks: They Could Happen to You

    Small- to medium-sized businesses can’t afford the huge expense of a ransomware attack in which patient data is held “hostage” by hackers. Practices must have a solid backup strategy, including off-site cloud storage, or they can lose valuable data that cannot be easily recovered. Find out how TechCentral protects dental practices from ransomware damage.
  • Have You Joined the Movement?

    Even though evidence shows many systemic health problems can be traced to periodontal infections, fewer than 3% of dental codes submitted are for this treatment. Read about a new pledge being introduced to detect, diagnose, and treat periodontal disease in patients using the SoproCARE camera. Learn More...
  • Using the Wrong Tech Can Put Your Dental Practice at Risk

    As a dentist, you need to stay focused on keeping your patients healthy. You don’t have time to also be an expert on the IT infrastructure that enables your practice to run smoothly. What you do need is a competent partner to take the IT pain out of being a dentist, freeing you up to do what you do best.
  • Staying on the leading edge with Dentrix and DEXIS

    An avid Dentrix user since 1989, Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. has experienced the hassle and inefficiencies of using non-compatible technology in his practice that required expensive work-arounds. He shares why a move to DEXIS digital imaging has eliminated extra steps and created a flawless process that benefits his practice and his patients.

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