Dental Technology

  • Seamless Integration-Getting It All Together

    Integration of practice management with digital imaging is nothing new. However, the interfaces are becoming more sophisticated—an evolution for those who depend on their time-saving features.
  • Why every office needs to be digital

    There is little doubt that the look and feel of the modern dental practice has evolved dramatically over the past 15–20 years.
  • What's Your Advice?

    This is an actual scenario. Read the challenges the dentist was facing and then decide what advice you would give. When you're finished, compare your recommendations with the actual ones suggested.
  • Keeping Up with the Times Using Digital Case Presentation

    In colonial times, dentists and patients had few choices. Filling a cavity, for example, involved rolling some type of metal between your fingers into a pellet-shape, sticking it in the crevasse and then shaping and polishing. As years passed, inventions continued to improve the dental experience. In the late 1800s, the invention of X-rays gave dentists the inside view of the mouth, and ether took pain out of dental surgery.
  • Same-Day Dentistry: Bringing the “WOW” Factor to Your Practice

    It is not enough these days to simply offer quality dentistry— everyone expects that. Any dental practice that wants to be highly successful has to reach for the “Wow” factor—that something special that says that your patients are receiving the best care possible. Today’s patients are savvy consumers who are also educated, pressed for time, and service oriented.
  • Cone Beam CT: A Breakthrough Imaging Technology for Dentistry

    Images of the craniofacial region comprise an important component of the dental patient record.
  • Dr. Roger Anderson - Denver, Colorado

    It's rare these days for something purchased more than a dozen years ago to still be just as powerful as the day it was bought. It's even more rare for that purchase to be a piece of technology. But that's just what is happening in the dental practice of Dr. Roger Anderson of Denver, Colorado. A decision in 1990 to abandon old technology for new is still reaping benefits more than a decade later.
  • Dr. Paul Mitsch - Augusta Family Dental

    In the growth of a dental practice, a good plan can sometimes make all the difference between amazing success and mediocre performance. However in order for a good, valid plan to prove successful, the stakeholders in a practice's success must support the initiative with unwavering diligence. Seeing a thorough and potentially profitable business plan through to full-fledged implementation often requires major effort in every facet of a practice. But this intense level of effort is well worth it-or at least that's what Dr. Paul Mitsch of Augusta Family Dental tells us.

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