Dental Practice Management

  • Don’t Lose Your Data—Back It Up

    Manual back-ups to your computer system, although better than no backups at all, can lead to data loss if a wrong button is pressed or a procedure is not followed to the letter. Employing a technology company to create a system that automates much of the process is a smart investment. Read tips on what a practice should look for when choosing a technology partner and why. Read More...
  • Developing an Operations Strategy for Successful Expansion

    As dentists throughout the U.S. are taking larger leaps into dental entrepreneurship through practice expansion, we often see dental practice owners putting the “cart before the horse” so to speak when it comes to business development and expansion.
  • Practice Sale Woes: It’s All in the Dental Office Lease

    Is your dental office lease up-to-date?
  • Wi-Fi and Security are Better Together for Dental Offices

    Patients appreciate having access to free Wi-Fi in your office, making it a smart investment. But, it can also be a target for hackers if your network is not set up properly. Learn how to set up Wi-Fi safely to ensure the security of your patients’ data. The consequences of weak cyber security can be costly for you and your patients. Read More...
  • The Secrets to Stress-Free Scheduling

    There are many different options in dental technology, and although many do deliver the benefits they promise, they need to be integrated into a workflow that can maximize those benefits, and that looks different for every practice. There are some basics to consider, however, when setting up your practice’s technology. Read More...
  • Exiting From Practice Ownership: Planning One of the Pivotal Transactions of a Lifetime

    Are you thinking of retiring in the next five to ten years? How can you ensure your practice, a key to your wealth and income, is valued as highly as possible when that time comes? These can be challenging questions — and bittersweet — but by asking them today, you can take action to ensure that when it’s time to retire, you are ready. Read More...
  • Three Top HR Traps to Avoid

    You may be running a successful practice, but if you are ignoring some common human resource mistakes, you may be setting yourself up for burdensome remedies and unexpected fines. Learn about three frequent HR problems and how to address them before they impact your business. Read More...
  • A New Way To Look at Your Business Credit Card

    Credit cards are no longer just a go-to option for emergencies, but a legitimate financial strategy that’s easier to access than traditional loans. Read how added benefits like tax deductibility and rewards points further expand the benefits of using a credit card for working capital and cash flow needs. Read More...
  • You Bought It...Now Promote It!

    Many advanced technologies streamline workflows so care is faster, more convenient, and more comfortable for your patients. And that positive experience can lead to an increase in referrals and new business through work-of mouth. Learn about seven key strategies to advertise your technology to patients so they leave your office and spread the word. Read More...
  • Security Steps To Protect PHI – And Secure the Success of Your Practice

    Hackers are working overtime to steal Personal Health Information (PHI) because it’s so lucrative for them, so taking steps to closing gaps in vulnerable processes and technologies within your practice is not optional. Learn the methods hackers are using and how to protect your patient’s most valuable information. Read More...

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