Dental Practice Management

  • What Matters to Patients?

    You might be the most precise, well-liked, and well-educated dentist, but if your patients do not feel comfortable they’re not likely to return, or worse, they’ll reconsider seeking dental care altogether. For some, fear has become a routine part of the dental experience. Although this fear is unique to each patient, similarities can be seen from case to case.
  • Increase in New Patient Flow and Referrals

    If you ask a dentist what is the greatest challenge their practice faces today, you are likely to hear new patient flow.
  • Brand Consistency: Why It’s So Important

    Branding is a powerful marketing tool for dental practices of any size. What is it, and why does it matter? Read More...
  • 3 Office Lease Renewal Tips Every Dentist Should Follow

    Your dental practice lease can cost you more than it should. By following three recommendations for lease negotiations, you can ensure you are in the driver’s seat leading to lease terms that benefit your business.
  • LayerCompliance® for Dental

    The demands of maintaining HIPAA compliance can be overwhelming to a dental practice. Learn how LayerCompliance, a cloud-based software, can be an important piece of a comprehensive data security program that helps uncover data vulnerabilities, identify security measures specific to the practice, and assist in implementation so a practice is in compliance with up-to-date HIPAA requirements. Read More...
  • The Importance of a Layered Defense in Your Dental Practice

    The best defense against data breaches is having a good offense. Antivirus protection alone is not enough anymore to avoid potential disaster. There are four basic tools every practice should employ to keep data as safe as possible from data loss and theft. Read why a layered defense is necessary to protect patients and your practice’s financial security. Read More...
  • Technology Integration Will Drive The Future

    A team of technology experts from Cellerant Consulting Group weigh in on coming advances and trends in dentistry, including 3D printing and even growing teeth! Read More...
  • 5 Steps to Going Green

    Eco-friendly processes are one way to set a dental practice apart from the competition, but beyond that, they also help make the community a more sustainable place. Practices who want to “go green” can follow five steps to determine where and how to begin. Read More...
  • Are your patient referrals in compliance with HIPAA?

    One of the most common questions we get from dentists is “How do I get my patient’s records to a referral provider and comply with HIPAA?” There’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Providing patient records to other healthcare providers is a common function and should be reviewed for compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements to avoid unauthorized disclosure.
  • Keeping Your Practice Safe from Credit Card Fraud

    Even though there is a lot of buzz about identity theft, most practice theft occurs because of embezzlement by employees with access to financial information. Read about six basic steps every practice should take to ensure credit card information is protected and secured.

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