Dental Imaging

  • Cone Beam CT and CAD/CAM for Optimal Digital Workflow

    As technology is advancing in the dental world, workflow is more and more important. Learn how you can streamline your digital workflow and maximize profitability by integrating cone beam CT and CAD/CAM into your practice.
  • CariVu — No-Dose Imaging for Patient Needs

    For patients with certain medical issues, children, and pregnant women, even a low dose of radiation may be unwanted. The DEXIS CariVu provides an alternative for detecting caries and tooth fractures; it also augments treatment documentation, making it helpful for insurance submissions. Read More...
  • It All Starts With Imaging

    Investing in advanced dental training allows doctors to conduct complex dental procedures that make a difference in their patients’ lives. However, if your practice’s technology is not powerful enough to identify those cases, you may have patients, desperately in need of your expertise, who go undiagnosed. Learn why digital imaging is the standard of care in specialized dentistry because of its superior image quality, ease of use, and the comprehensive data it provides.
  • A Smile Restored, Starting With an i-CAT Scan

    The precise imaging of the i-CAT was instrumental in restoring function and appearance to a patient who had recently had an ameloblastoma removed. Dr. Ronald Delmonto shares how he was able to identify problems with the CBCT that would have occurred with a traditional crown and bridge and devise a creative treatment plan for a better outcome. Read More...
  • Ever-evolving Tools for More Complete Implant Planning

    3D imaging has become the standard of care for implant diagnostics and planning, but Dr. Justin Moody explains how software updates to the i-CAT 3D system are continually expanding the technology’s usefulness to his practice and have given him a tool for enhanced patient education.
  • Cloudy Versus Clear Skies

    Do all digital imaging systems perform about the same? No, says Dr. Chris Riedel, who switched to DEXIS sensors and says the change was as dramatic as going from overcast to a sunny day. Read how the sensors have proven to be more comfortable and precise and the software more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Digital Sensors - Not All Are Created Equal

    Most dentists acknowledge the benefits of digital imaging over traditional X-rays. What is not so obvious are the clear-cut advantages of choosing one digital sensor over another. In this article, Dr. John P. James shares his experience of using different sensors in his practice before finding a perfect fit with DEXIS.
  • Practice-Changing Imaging in 3D

    The original reason Dr. Daniel Klauer purchased an i-CAT was to place implants more precisely, but since purchasing it, he has expanded its use to airway studies and TMD diagnostics—and now he needs a second i-CAT!
  • It’s About Time and About DEXIS

    One doctor decided to improve his image–his radiographic image–by switching to DEXIS Platinum sensors. Read as Dr. Gregory Zollo explains why image quality, radiation dosage, ease of use, and tech support have made him wish he had switched to DEXIS sooner! Read More...
  • Technology That Can Change Lives

    With the addition of the i-CAT FLX 3D imaging system to his practice, Dr. Robert Kaspers was able to expand his orthodontic practice to include the additional service of diagnosing airway issues. Learn how the i-CAT FLX has allowed him to uncover causes and work with other practitioners to elevate the health and safety of his patients. Read More...

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