Dental Imaging

  • Making the Most of Digital Implant Planning in Your Practice

    It’s not easy to place implants — but the right technology can help bring speed and precision to the process. Read on to learn how cone beam computed technology and advanced software can make many aspects of the process easier, from diagnostics and treatment planning to the actual placement of the implant itself.
  • Why More General Dental Practices are Turning to Cone Beam Computed Tomography

    The more information you can have as a practitioner, the easier it is to make the best treatment decisions for your patients. That’s why cone beam computed tomography is being more readily adopted in many general dental practices today. In this article, we explore the benefits of 3D imaging, along with the key factors to keep in mind before buying a CBCT unit.
  • Debating a Cone Beam Investment? What You Need to Know

    3D imaging is a valuable tool when it comes to both diagnostics and treatment. But some general practitioners are hesitant to make the investment. Learn how 3D imaging differs from 2D and what to consider when determining if it’s right for your practice.
  • Blueprint: Fully digital implant workflow with the Dentsply Sirona's Axeos 3D Imaging System

    3D imaging scanning offers numerous benefits – from greater convenience for patients to increased therapy acceptance. However, one of the most important aspect of 3D imaging scans is the ability to predictably perform guided implant surgery. If you can understand where your final restoration is going to be before you ever touch the patient, that’s a major improvement.
  • Is Your 2D "Just Okay"?

    An increasing number of orthodontists are embracing 3D Imaging — changing the way that they practice and the way they develop treatment plans. This technology significantly enhances diagnostic capabilities, improving the patients’ end result. In this article, we compare 2D vs. 3D imaging in relation to Orthodontics.
  • How to Know: Is Now the Time to Add Sleep Medicine to Your Dental Practice?

    26% of adults suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, and 80% are undiagnosed. Roughly one in four patients dentists see today may have this potentially serious sleep disorder and many are unaware of it. Dr. Daniel Klauer presented on how to know when the right time to add sleep medicine to your dental practice. Read More and Watch the Webinar!
  • Digitally-Driven Dentistry: Using Advancements in Science and Technology to Deliver Restorative Excellence

    Digital technologies are changing how clinicians offer therapy to patients. The incorporation of these innovations allow for more ease, less time to teeth, and more predictable outcomes. From diagnosis and design to execution of treatment protocols, the use of technology pervades all aspects of the treatment workflow. Join Henry Schein Dental along with featured speaker,
    Dr. Sundeep Rawal, to learn the benefits of incorporating intraoral scanning, 3D imaging, and innovative software to diagnose, treatment plan, and deliver predictable restorative therapies to enhance patient care. Watch Now!
  • Cone Beam CT: Comparison with 2D Imaging and 3D Applications

    Join dental radiologist and professor Dr. Heidi Kohltfarber for an in-depth discussion on 2D and 3D imaging, including a comparative review between 2D and 3D technologies, diagnosing capabilities, and ability for general dentists to do procedures in-house. Dr. Kohltfarber also compares the financial impact of 2D and 3D imaging, including the initial investment and the income opportunities associated with bringing more 3D imaging-enabled procedures in-house. Watch Now!
  • Step-By-Step: How I Added Implantology to my Practice

    Join Justin Moody, DDS to learn about his transition from a general dentist to one of the prominent implantologists in the US. He’ll share with us step-by-step how he initially decided to incorporate implantology, navigated the educational process, managed staff throughout the change, adopted key technologies and products, and how this transformed his practice over time. Watch Now!
  • Moving Beyond Hygiene and Fillings - Imaging Assessment to Improve Patient Outcomes

    The practice of dentistry has expanded beyond hygiene and fillings – giving dentists new opportunities to improve patient care. Many leading-edge practices are investing in 3D CBCT technology to perform early screenings, leading to more positive patient outcomes and keeping bigger issues at bay. Learn how to provide more positive patient outcomes with 3D imaging assessments. Read More...

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