Dental Imaging

  • Digital Dentistry Delivers Part 2

    Every day I walk through the doors of my practice and wonder, "How can I make it better?" How can your soft assets (your staff) and your hard assets (your machines) work and blend together every minute of the day to give the best result?
  • Technologies That Show I Care

    Social networking connects the world in so many different ways.
  • What's So "Special" About Digital Radiography?

    Digital radiography offers undisputed benefits for all dentists, such as lowered radiation, instant images, and expanded patient communication.
  • The Buzz On Direct Current X-ray Units

    I’ve done the research. I’ve learned that direct current has distinct advantages over alternating current for digital imaging.
  • A New Spin On Panoramics

    From Aristotle, who is credited with describing automation, to today’s space-age “robotics,” automated intelligence has increased scientific capabilities. Now, robotic radiography has earned its place in the history of achievements in dental medicine.
  • Implementing Cone Beam Technology: 3-D Made Easy

    As a resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, I was introduced to Cone Beam CT technology, an imaging method with the potential to revolutionize dental diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • It’s Time To Switch To Digital Radiography

    We live in an increasingly digital world—even our TVs are mandated to be totally digital by 2009!
  • Invest In Yourself

    The sluggish economy is making headlines all over the world and there has been a belt-tightening, budget-watching response from many industries.
  • Cone Beam CT Technology: Clinical Benefits in Today's Dental Practice

    More and more dentists are using X-ray Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanners for patient imaging and diagnostics as a new and vital part of their practices. The result is advanced, state-of-the-art volumetric images that increase the quality and accuracy of radiographic dental care.
  • Spring Training: Maximizing Your Potential With 3-D Imaging

    For baseball fans, the end of winter signals the beginning of spring training; when players convene to practice, improve their skills, and add new concepts to their repertoire. Players know that they must maximize their potential to vie for the best teams. Getting the proper training is an imperative in any endeavor, in baseball or in the dental office.

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