Dental Equipment

  • When I See You Smile

    Dr. L. Don Wilson shares how having the ability to change a person’s smile helps him remember why he became a dentist.
  • Back to Basics: What do You Need in a Laser?

    Technology that offers the best patient care and is easy to use ranks high on one doctor’s list of must-haves in a laser.
  • An Inventory Solution That Gives Staff More Time For Patient Care

    A candid interview with three dentists who use Cubex systems to manage dental supplies.
  • Lasers, it’s time to start lighting it up and learning

    Dr. Michael Koceja breaks down laser technology and how it works within a dental practice.
  • Sitting Shouldn’t Have to Be a Job

    Timothy J. Carusa reveals ways to achieve your optimum posture throughout your workday.
  • No Strings Attached

    In dentistry, no strings attached has numerous implications, because dentistry like other professions continues to go wireless.
  • Distinctive Advantage

    Dr. David Eshom gives vital information on how to improve your practice with laser dentistry. The “talented” laser will impress your patients with its ease of use and great variety of treatment applications!
  • Time to Consider Lasers!

    How about your dental practice; have you carried through on your ideas to improve your practice and the level of care you provide to your patients? Maybe you don’t plan on changes and are ok with complacency, but dentistry constantly changes and our patients constantly change, not only their dental health needs, but also their knowledge of the care they receive.
  • Laser! Laser! Laser!

    This article is about being different and standing out from the crowd! This article is about embracing technology and wanting more from ourselves and our daily habits. It's about being better than most others and creating value for our patients. This article is about abundance and positivity.
  • Everyday Dentistry

    Dr. Lorne Lavine discusses the many ways soft-tissue lasers can be used, including: Buccal Frenom, Fibroma, laser whitening, and TMJ treatment procedures.

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