Dental Education

  • What Matters to Patients?

    You might be the most precise, well-liked, and well-educated dentist, but if your patients do not feel comfortable they’re not likely to return, or worse, they’ll reconsider seeking dental care altogether. Here, we will explore 4 concerns likely in the minds of your patients. Read More...
  • Re-Examine Your Exam

    Dentists have a unique window into the body’s total health through oral exams, if they know what to look for. Focusing on complete health sets a practice apart from others, but it can also be life changing for your patients by identifying and managing health issues early on. Learn the benefits of providing total health exams to your patients. Read More...
  • Stop Flushing CE Dollars Down the Drain

    Too often, knowledge gained at continuing education courses is filed away and never put into action. Learn the three key aspects of accountability to bring new recommendations and practices into your business more effectively. Read More...
  • Steps to Selling a Dental Practice

    What are your plans for the future when it comes to your dental practice? If you eventually plan to sell or take on a partner, there is a methodical process that requires attention to legal and financial matters. Learn the steps involved and the professionals you should recruit to guide you through this important decision. Read More...
  • You Don’t Need a Plan to Have a Business

    A business plan is not required to run a business, but it is vital to running a successful business. It clarifies the vision and values under which you want your practice to operate, and it sets a roadmap to your short and long-term goals. Find out how to go from vision and values to concrete actionable plans. Read More...
  • Umbrellas and PPOs: Making the Most of a Rainy Day

    PPO reimbursements have a serious effect on the revenue of many dental practices. Doctors who are intentional about optimizing their PPO participation and who learn the benefits of direct contracts vs. shared network agreements vs. umbrella networks can make decisions, tailored to their business, that will contribute positively to their bottom line. Read More...
  • Four Codes that are Costing You Money

    With insurance reimbursement becoming more challenging, it is vitally important to ensure your team is using the correct and most updated codes in your billing processes. Learn about four key mistakes practices typically make and how they can impact the bottom line. Read More...
  • ICD-10-CM and Its Impact on Dentistry

    For insurance claims that mandate a diagnosis code, ICD-10 codes are now required, and they are a significant change from the previous ICD-9 codes. As health care delivery evolves, it is possible that diagnosis codes will be required in additional cases in the future, so preparing to report these codes now is a wise move. Learn how you can take steps to integrate ICD-10 codes into your billing and insurance claim processes.
  • Three Things Every Dental Practice Must Have

    Today’s dentists are more than highly educated health care providers: they are CEOs of complex businesses who face increasing pressure and competition. Learn about the three plans that every doctor must have in his/her business to maximize profitability and financial security. Read More...
  • Overcoming Four Main Dental Practice Challenges

    Join Dr. Mark Morin in “The Principles for the Productive Dental Practice,” as he tackles dental practice management challenges with proven solutions that will positively impact your bottom line.

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