Doctor Goes Cross Country to Open Fourth Dental Office near Alma Mater

Trinity Dental - Boston, MA | Chad J. Anderson, MS, DMD

Reception area

Hopefully, Dr. Chad Anderson collects frequent flier miles, because this busy doctor just opened his fourth dental practice—2,500 miles away from home! Trinity Dental, the newest office for this successful general dentist, is literally across the country from where he lives in Fresno, California. He owns three practices in California, but the newest addition to his expanding dental network is a built-from-scratch practice he opened in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in September 2017. The opening of this Boston location might seem unusual, but it’s actually the fulfillment of a long-held dream. Dr. Anderson graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (just a few miles north of downtown Boston) and teaches there today as a faculty member. He has always wanted to open a practice with the finest doctors from Tufts and work alongside these colleagues and friends. While Dr. Anderson lives in California, he does practice at Trinity Dental, along with his associates: Dr. Gerald Kugel, Dr. Constantinos Laskarides, Dr. Nick Dello Russo, and Dr. David Russell. Trinity Dental is that practice. The 2,400 square feet practice houses seven operatories where three doctors provide cosmetic and restorative dental services. It is located on a highly visible corner and features floor to ceiling windows, making it a beautiful addition to the neighborhood, where it has already created a favorable impression in a short amount of time.

Former Fitness Center Renovated Into High-Tech Dental Office
When Dr. Anderson decided to open a new location on the east coast, he wanted to purchase an existing practice. However, he was unable to find one to buy, so he changed gears and decided to build his own dream office. It was at that point that he was introduced to Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Scott Lasser.

Office decor

The waterfall in the reception area welcomes patients, provides calm vibes, and adds to the overall beauty of the office.

“I was referred to the doctor through my professional network,” noted Mr. Lasser. “As a Tuft’s graduate, he always dreamed of having a state-of-the-art practice in an affluent Boston neighborhood. We worked with the doctor for eight months before finding a suitable location.” Ultimately, they found a building in upscale Back Bay, home to some of the city’s most trendy boutiques, high-end restaurants, and coveted brownstones and mansions. This stroke of luck was made even more remarkable because the building is right next to Trinity Church, a revered 1877 landmark that looks out over Copley Square and draws many visitors to its stunning architecture. The location was exceptional, but the space needed a complete overhaul to ensure that the interior aesthetics lived up to the surrounding buildings. The building had previously housed a fitness center, so Mr. Lasser helped to source a team of trusted partners, including Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Caroline Crabtree, to transform it into a luxurious, sophisticated dental practice. Since the doctor was thousands of miles away, Mr. Lasser facilitated weekly Skype meetings between the contractors and Dr. Anderson, providing updates, troubleshooting, and keeping everyone on schedule during the four-month project.

Imaging area

The Planmeca ProMax 3D cone beam unit is open to the practice and delivers what it promises: precise imaging, low radiation dose, and the ease of using powerful Romexis software.

Amy Laundre of Henry Schein’s Integrated Design Studio developed the layout, basing it on the doctor’s goal of creating a state-of-the-art office that was ergonomical and functional, yet comfortable and relaxing for patients and staff.

Boutique Experience Welcomes Patients
The office’s reception area greets patients with a modern vibe created with glass walls, minimalist barrel chairs, a kaleidoscope of gray and blue hues in various intensities, and massive windows that showcase the interior to anyone walking or driving by. A statement wall with custom wood paneling sits behind the expansive check-in desk, which is topped with creamy white countertops. A waterfall feature provides a soothing respite from the bustling neighborhood outside.

Treatment room

Both functional and beautiful, the operatories were designed by the doctor so monitors and lights could be pushed away, out of patient view, when they are not in use.

When patients move into the clinical area, they enter a long, wide hallway that opens to the seven operatories. At the end of the hall, oversized digital art splashes a vibrant image into the walkway, and it can be changed to another image on demand at any time.

“It’s a sophisticated space,” beamed Dr. Anderson. “The cohesive design brings in artistic elements to create a welcoming atmosphere with a comfortable open floor plan and workflow.”

Building a new office across the country required a deep level of trust in the team that was helping to create it, and Dr. Anderson relied on Mr. Lasser and Henry Schein to manage the build and to recommend the configurations and equipment that would be most effective.

“The doctor wanted high-end, functional, and durable equipment,” said Mr. Lasser. “We wanted to accomplish a clean look where everything had its place.

Dr. Anderson put his trust in me to recommend the right equipment and technology products that would make his office a showpiece as well as ergonomic and profitable.”

Form and Function in Seven Operatories

Sterilization room

The A-dec sterilization center lines the hallway and has a built-in dryer that allows tools to be transferred right into the autoclave, keeping counters clear.

The doctor decided on A-dec 511 chairs and the company’s Inspire cabinetry line for operatory equipment and in the sterilization center. He chose radius delivery because it’s comfortable for both right- and left-handed staff members and could be swung out of the patient’s view. Although the A-dec equipment created the look the doctor wanted for this sophisticated office, Dr. Anderson chose them first and foremost for their function.

“The Inspire cabinetry is well designed for inventory control,” explained Mr. Lasser. “Every drawer has a specific purpose, and the built-in supply bins make turning over a room very quick. To have an attractive patient experience, I like to have little mounted to the chair, so everything in the doctor’s operatories—like the monitors and the lights—is mounted elsewhere and can be pushed away from the patient when not in use.”

Digital Imaging Delivers Accuracy, Comfort

Treatment room with 3Shape TRIOS scanner

The sophistication of A-dec’s 511 chairs and Inspire cabinetry align with the minimalistic, high-tech design of the office. Monitors allow the staff to show patients digital images and impressions taken with the 3Shape TRIOS 3 digital scanner. Integrated Cavitrons contribute to an efficient workflow.

To deliver cutting-edge diagnostics, the doctor chose a suite of X-ray products that are comfortable for patients and provide superior imaging, including the ProMax 3D Mid Cone Beam by Planmeca and Midmark ClearVision sensors. Because the sensors use a short USB connector, there are no long cords snaking through the operatories, which is another benefit. The doctor chose the Planmeca CBCT for its functionality across specialties, its low-dose radiation, and its unique ability to take extraoral bitewings. Digital impressions are captured by a3Shape TRIOS 3 Scanner, and all of the imaging technology is integrated and managed through Planmeca Romexis software.

“The doctors are most impressed with the technology,” said Mr. Lasser. “Crystal clear digital images, crisp CBCT scans, and Planmeca Romexis’ easy-to-use implant planning software.”

Hallway Sterilization Center
Along the hallway, the practice boasts an open, streamlined sterilization center with a Midmark M11 and SciCan Statim G4 autoclave, the latter of which is connected to the internet. Mr. Lasser recommended the A-dec Inspire Sterilization Center for the practice because it has a built-in dryer, which eliminates having tools spread out on the countertops to dry before being loaded into the autoclave.

Trinity Dental logo“The dryer has cassette racks and baskets and runs a 20-minute cycle,” noted Mr. Lasser. Because the sterilization center was built intentionally to allow patient observation, keeping the counters clear of tools as they move through the process effectively highlights the practice’s infection control priority.

Whether patient-facing, like the reception area and operatories, or behind the scenes, like the sterilization processes, Dr. Anderson invested in the best resources to ensure that patients will always receive top-notch treatment.

This combination of state-of-the-art technology, a high-traffic and highly coveted location, and a luxurious, ultra-modern interior design has positioned Trinity Dental to achieve lasting success. Dr. Anderson has finally brought his dream to fruition, and he tells other doctors that the key to building a new office lies in two words: perseverance and determination. ♦

Group picture

From Left to Right: Scott Lasser, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Chad Anderson; Caroline Crabtree, Field Sales Consultant; Michael Molloy, Regional Manager.

This article was originally published in Sidekick Magazine.