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  • Success is a Journey–Not a Destination

    Success is a journey-not a destination. In the following three chapters, you will meet three practitioners* who are in different stages of their dental journey.
  • Turning Your Dream Office Into A Successful Reality

    The title of this article represents the height of presumption and sophistry; it would be impossible to describe, in these few pages, all the elements required to create the office that will successfully support your practice.
  • The Wellness Center–Alameda, CA

    Dr. Terecita Dean's dream office is a multidimensional facility with a lot to offer. It has a fascinating history and also serves the community through the Doctor's outreach programs.
  • The Nash Institute for Dental Learning – Charlotte, NC

    Dr. Ross W. Nash and co-founder Debra Englehardt-Nash have melded their expertise in this exceptional facility that combines training in esthetic dentistry as well as practice-management techniques. The Institute’s reputation for hands-on classes has made it a hub for specialized learning while providing dental services to its many patients.
  • Dr. Roger Anderson - Denver, Colorado

    It's rare these days for something purchased more than a dozen years ago to still be just as powerful as the day it was bought. It's even more rare for that purchase to be a piece of technology. But that's just what is happening in the dental practice of Dr. Roger Anderson of Denver, Colorado. A decision in 1990 to abandon old technology for new is still reaping benefits more than a decade later.
  • Digital Imaging – It’s a Win-Win for Everyone!

    The new software makes imaging easier and quicker for the entire team—and involves patients in their own dental care, making them more willing to accept treatment options.
  • Dr. Paul Mitsch - Augusta Family Dental

    In the growth of a dental practice, a good plan can sometimes make all the difference between amazing success and mediocre performance. However in order for a good, valid plan to prove successful, the stakeholders in a practice's success must support the initiative with unwavering diligence. Seeing a thorough and potentially profitable business plan through to full-fledged implementation often requires major effort in every facet of a practice. But this intense level of effort is well worth it-or at least that's what Dr. Paul Mitsch of Augusta Family Dental tells us.
  • Retirement Benefits Give Dental Practices Edge

    Dental professionals are entering the waters of a perfect storm. An impending labor shortage, increasing demand for dental services and, in some instances, lagging employee retirement benefits-all could be distressing enough to launch an S.O.S.
  • Digital Radiography : Don’t Miss Out!

    A hygienist's valuable insights into the many benefits from using digital radiography in the dental practice. The clinical and financial advantages speak for themselves.

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