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  • Debating a Cone Beam Investment? What You Need to Know

    3D imaging is a valuable tool when it comes to both diagnostics and treatment. But some general practitioners are hesitant to make the investment. Learn how 3D imaging differs from 2D and what to consider when determining if it’s right for your practice.
  • 6 Critical Components Every Dentist Should Know Before Starting their New Office Build or Remodel

    Deciding how your dental office will look is not only the most exciting part of building a new office or remodel, but also one of the most challenging. A dental office should be comprised of two key factors when it comes to the office layout: Functionality to enhance productivity and the overall patient experience.
  • New Rules of Endodontic Retreatment

    If a tooth fails to heal or experiences a secondary problem, endodontic retreatment may be used. This approach has been widely misunderstood, but there are actually many instances when it can successfully save the tooth. Understanding the diagnosis and prognosis and how to manage endodontic retreatment is essential before considering this option.
  • Comparative Review: Treatment Workflows and Practice Efficiency with the Solea All-tissue Laser

    Patients today prefer to receive all of their treatments in one dental practice. Investments in technology such as an all-tissue laser are able to offer this convenience to patients. Solea® all-tissue laser has unique technology that enables virtually every cavity prep to be performed anesthesia-free and without the noise of the drill, thus reducing patient anxiety. Dentists using Solea have experienced increased new patient flow, workflow efficiencies, and are able to perform additional procedures. Dr. Usa Bunnag reviews 6 case studies and the impact of using Solea in her practice.
  • How Solea Laser has Transformed My Practice | Eliminate Numbness, Needles, and the Drill

    With the addition of the Solea All-Tissue Laser added to her practice, Dr. Renee Kurtz has been able to expand her practice capabilities and increase her monthly revenue. This game-changing dental laser has
  • Blueprint: Fully digital implant workflow with the Dentsply Sirona's Axeos 3D Imaging System

    3D imaging scanning offers numerous benefits – from greater convenience for patients to increased therapy acceptance. However, one of the most important aspect of 3D imaging scans is the ability to predictably perform guided implant surgery. If you can understand where your final restoration is going to be before you ever touch the patient, that’s a major improvement.
  • 5 Steps to Improve Your Treatment Room Ergonomics and Avoid Chronic Back Discomfort

    As any practitioner in the field can attest, dentistry is a very physically demanding career. Studies show that dentists are nearly three times more prone to low back pain than the general population. Fortunately, there are prevention strategies you can use to avoid these problems.
  • Expanded Practice Blends High-Tech with Homey Feel

    After years of envisioning a larger dental practice built for ultimate patient comfort and future expansion, Dr. Ed Suh made the move in 2020. He packed up his well-regarded smaller practice, Supremia Dentistry in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and relocated across the street to a larger building with room to grow. With the help of his Henry Schein team, Dr. Suh was able to create a practice better than he ever imagined—with more space and amenities and a dynamic workflow.
  • Patient-and-Parent-Centered Design in Pediatric and Orthodontic Practices

    Delivering an exceptional patient experience is a key factor in differentiating one practice from another. As the dentist is often the practice owner, they must wear the hat of a salesperson to draw in and retain patients. In orthodontic and pediatric practices, the practice must consider the needs of both the patient and the parent or caretaker. Through the concept of human-centered design, we can achieve a design that balances the need of both the staff, patients receiving care, and accompanying guests.
  • How Sterilization and Infection Control Workflows Are Enhancing Dentistry

    Dentistry was at the forefront of infection control and patient protection before the onset of COVID-19, as well as during the pandemic, and will continue to be after. Dental practices are modifying infection control protocols by utilizing (old and new) aerosol-reducing dental products in addition to maintaining, or creating, enhanced sterilization workflows to keep staff and patients safe.

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