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  • 5 Steps to Improve Your Treatment Room Ergonomics and Avoid Chronic Back Discomfort

    As any practitioner in the field can attest, dentistry is a very physically demanding career. Studies show that dentists are nearly three times more prone to low back pain than the general population. Fortunately, there are prevention strategies you can use to avoid these problems.
  • Expanded Practice Blends High-Tech with Homey Feel

    After years of envisioning a larger dental practice built for ultimate patient comfort and future expansion, Dr. Ed Suh made the move in 2020. He packed up his well-regarded smaller practice, Supremia Dentistry in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and relocated across the street to a larger building with room to grow. With the help of his Henry Schein team, Dr. Suh was able to create a practice better than he ever imagined—with more space and amenities and a dynamic workflow.
  • Patient-and-Parent-Centered Design in Pediatric and Orthodontic Practices

    Delivering an exceptional patient experience is a key factor in differentiating one practice from another. As the dentist is often the practice owner, they must wear the hat of a salesperson to draw in and retain patients. In orthodontic and pediatric practices, the practice must consider the needs of both the patient and the parent or caretaker. Through the concept of human-centered design, we can achieve a design that balances the need of both the staff, patients receiving care, and accompanying guests.
  • How Sterilization and Infection Control Workflows Are Enhancing Dentistry

    Dentistry was at the forefront of infection control and patient protection before the onset of COVID-19, as well as during the pandemic, and will continue to be after. Dental practices are modifying infection control protocols by utilizing (old and new) aerosol-reducing dental products in addition to maintaining, or creating, enhanced sterilization workflows to keep staff and patients safe.
  • Family Matters: Father and Son Practice Makes Lasting Impression

    Building a brand-new dental practice just as the COVID-19 pandemic struck was perfect timing for the father and son team of doctors Richard and Brenton Assing. Their practice in suburban Tampa, Florida, had completely outgrown their existing location of 27 years. Discover how they confidently took their practice to the next level, experiencing double-digit growth amidst an economic downturn, partnering with Henry Schein.
  • The Best Smiles Found Here: Happy Tooth Pediatric Dentistry

    In the city of Millcreek, Utah, it’s not unusual to see kids running toward the dentist’s office. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day at Happy Tooth Pediatric Dentistry, an office designed to create an experience of complete comfort and care – and maybe most important, fun?
  • Thinking of Hiring an Associate: Are you Ready?

    Whether you’re overbooked and looking for help, hoping to focus more time on managing your practice, or simply seeking more free time, hiring an associate may be the next step.
  • Discrimination Lawsuits on the Rise: Top Ways to Protect your Practice

    Emerging laws – as well as anxiety over the pandemic – are causing a spike in discrimination lawsuits. Employees’ stress level is very high, due to health and financial worries over COVID-19. This is exacerbating HR situations. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce your risk profile so your practice can thrive amid these challenges.
  • Flip the Switch, Digitize, and Increase Patient Acceptance

    Intraoral scanners and 3D printers are certainly here to stay within dentistry and are a new raceway for communicating with our dental laboratories. Many dentists have been using intraoral scanners for milling crowns in office, capturing images for bite guards, clear aligner orthodontic appliances, and whitening trays, and in some practices full-arch imaging for removable prosthetics.
  • Utah Dentists Open Second High-Tech Location, Makes Lasting Impression

    The doctors of Spanish Fork Dentistry expanded their original practice into a new location in Spanish Fork, Utah, enhancing the day-to-day workflows to allow for growing demands. The new office provides a contemporary feel with a focus on patient flow, ergonomics, and modern technology.

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