Company Spotlight: A-dec


A world of difference.


A-dec Campus in Newberg, Oregon

A-dec Campus in Newberg, Oregon

An invention and a dream.

More than 50 years ago, Ken and Joan Austin founded A-dec with an invention and a dream: to better the world of dentistry. Even back then, the Austins knew that every successful product required a tremendous amount of perspective from the dentist. They worked in partnership with engineers, designers, and dental professionals, developing products that revolutionized dentistry.

Made to last.

A-dec builds reliable, intuitive products that withstand the rigors of dentistry. With a continuous mission to build the best better, every part–across the entire line of products–is continually perfected. They don’t mind sharing that fact, either. On regularly scheduled tours to the facility, dealers and their dentists are invited behind the scenes for a close-up look at how products are made—and the extreme testing they must endure in the laboratory, as they are tested beyond fail to identify potential weak spots years down the road.

A legacy of caring.

A-dec Education Center

A-dec Education Center

A-dec’s commitment to quality is absolute, and customer support is taken just as seriously. Technically trained, on-site customer service representatives answer the phones. They are educated to help with everything from explaining how to clean chairs and maintain handpieces, to troubleshooting while on a video chat, so doctors will never be left without an answer or support. With encyclopedia-like knowledge, the care team can answer questions about every A-dec product, including equipment that hasn’t appeared in a catalog for more than 25 years.

That’s saying something, because A-dec’s products range from handpieces and motors to chairs, furniture, delivery systems, and infection control solutions. A-dec is one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world, but even though the company’s reach extends to more than 100 countries, it still operates on the ethical philosophies and principles that were founded in the company’s beginning.

Philanthropy near and far.

A-dec has been an active part of neighboring schools and communities since the company’s inception. But quickly, the founders realized that positive change could extend far beyond their state borders—even reaching underserved populations around the world. In the late ’60s, Ken formed a partnership with Rotary Club, and engineered the Rota-Dent, a portable dental control unit with a vacuum, handpieces, air/water syringe, and carrying case. Through the years, A-dec has manufactured and donated more than 2,300 Rota-Dent units, supporting mission dentistry throughout the world.

The creation of TotaChair–a readily mobilized, quick-setup dental chair–addressed the unique needs of temporary settings in remote locations. More than 80,000 people have received care from outreach volunteers using Rota-Dent and TotaChair units. The number keeps growing, as each purchase of a Rota-Dent and TotaChair benefits youth programs through local Rotary Clubs.

A-dec considers it an honor to support these causes and other organizations as the legacy of caring lives on. When you are dedicated to improvement and committed to the lives and well-being of dentists and their patients, it makes a world of difference.

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