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  • Don’t Fail Your Next Exam

    Dr. Charles Blair takes the confusion out of insurance coding by using clinical scenarios and outlining common misconceptions.
  • Top 5 Sterilization Area Designs

    Sterilization may not be the first thing that comes to a patient’s mind when choosing a dentist. Normally, it’s more about efficient treatment plans or cost-effective care methods. But, why not give a patient another reason to choose your practice?
  • Exclusive Tx STUDIO™ Software for i-CAT® Debuts New Version

    See how the latest software release expands control over viewing anatomy and treatment planning in 3-D.
  • Putting Caries Detection to Use

    Engaging patients in their own care decisions is much easier when they see what their dentist sees. DEXIS CariVu helps doctors monitor caries to determine when to take action or when to wait. With no radiation, it’s appealing for patients who do not want X-rays or are not yet due for them. Find out how one doctor has seen DEXIS CariVu positively impact his workflow and patient experience.
  • Dentrix & the Digital Scan: A Connection That Makes A Big Impression!

    Digital impressions on their own have transformed dentistry, but by connecting them with Dentrix practice management, practices have flexibility to view and share information with patients throughout the office, whether it is large or small. One doctor shares how he uses Dentrix to maximize the power of digital impressions.
  • Brand Consistency: Why It’s So Important

    Branding is a powerful marketing tool for dental practices of any size. What is it, and why does it matter? Read More...
  • Company Spotlight: DCI

    DCI was founded by John and Janelle Spencer in their living room in 1982. Born innovators and designers, this couple talked about slowing down and even retiring years later after many successes. But their entrepreneurial spirit took over instead! In 2015, with their children, Jason and Amy, they launched their next business—a new equipment line called DCI Edge. Read about this family’s incredible legacy of invention and philanthropy.
  • Simply Inspiring Imaging

    Schick 33 provides image quality that can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance.
  • Is Your Hardware Right for Your Dental Software?

    Keeping your dental hardware updated isn't just's absolutely essential to the security of your practice.
  • It's Coming! Dentrix G7

    Dentrix is making changes based on your feedback. It's coming in spring 2018, start preparing now!

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