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  • The Dental Specialists of Jamestown North Dakota

    Want to seek business success? The prescription "location, location, location" often comes to mind.
  • Brown Family Dentistry

    Brown Family Dentistry, located in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a showcase office for style and efficiency—as well as an extensive lineup of dedicated dentists who all bear the last name of—you guessed it—Brown. Specifically, Dr. Tim Brown; his son Tipton; Tipton's wife Dawn; and son Tyler complete the roster of "Brown" family members.
  • What's Your Advice?

    This is an actual scenario. Read the challenges the dentist was facing and then decide what advice you would give. When you're finished, compare your recommendations with the actual ones suggested.
  • A Solution for Retirement and Recruiting

    Ping Hai DDS & Associates finds success with a 401(k) plan with discounted pricing from Fidelity for Henry Schein customers
  • Your 179 Deduction - It’s Back And Bigger Than Ever

    There's quite a lot of buzz this time of year about 179 incentives on equipment purchases.
  • Dr. Brian Schaefer - Green Bay, Wisconsin

    "A number of factors came together at the same time that precipitated the move," notes Dr. Brian Schaefer regarding the timing of his decision to build a new office.
  • New Horizon Family Dental Care (NHFDC)

    New Horizon Family Dental Care (NHFDC) is a subsidiary of New Horizon Family Health Services (NHFHS), a not-for-profit federally qualified health center that has served the city of Greenville and 13 counties in Upstate South Carolina since 1992. All of the counties have been designated as a Health Professional Shortage Area either for all or part of the county or for the lowincome population. The new facility is designed to treat Medicaid and lower income populations of the community that would not otherwise have access to dental care.
  • Creating a Greener Dental Practice

    The good news: Going green is a smart move for the environment and for your bottom line! If you feel daunted by the undertaking, start by implementing the easiest strategies first and as time and finances permit, commit your office to doing more.
  • Keeping Up with the Times Using Digital Case Presentation

    In colonial times, dentists and patients had few choices. Filling a cavity, for example, involved rolling some type of metal between your fingers into a pellet-shape, sticking it in the crevasse and then shaping and polishing. As years passed, inventions continued to improve the dental experience. In the late 1800s, the invention of X-rays gave dentists the inside view of the mouth, and ether took pain out of dental surgery.
  • Brushing Up On Your Retirement Plan

    Regular checkups have long been a part of American Dental Association guidelines. Staying apprised of dental needs and making necessary changes are key to optimal oral health.

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