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  • Dr. Rozensky-Laurel Manor Dental

    Doctors Rich Rozensky and Don Ilkka review some of the details of their Laurel Manor Dental office, located in The Villages, Florida. This office is the latest in a series of four, opened through the combined efforts of the Doctors and Sullivan-Schein’s team of specialists.
  • Dr. Nevins-Boston Periodontics

    Welcome to beautiful downtown Boston—and meet Dr. Marc L. Nevins. This “revolutionary” city is rich in American history and bears many markers of the early Americans’ resistance to domination by an English king.
  • McCabe Dental...Overcoming the Odds

    On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina wrought a devastating blow to the U.S. Gulf Coast. The chaotic aftermath is still being dealt with. Not only were individuals’ lives changed, but the literal horizon of towns and cities alike were all but eliminated forever.
  • Renewed Passion..."Moore Smiles Dentistry"

    “I was reaching a time in my career when I was losing the fire to work...I had even talked of staying home because dentistry was no longer any fun,” remarks Dr. Susanne Moore of her professional crossroads before her new office was created
  • Dudas Dental Group at Meadowbrook...A Passion for Dentistry

    Dudas Dental Group at Meadowbrook, located in Leola, Pennsylvania, is the result of Dr. Thomas P. Dudas’ inspired approach to the practice of dentistry.
  • The Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

    Both Sullivan-Schein and ASDOH have shared great enthusiasm for the beautiful new facility.
  • A Step Ahead…The Dental Implant Center of Memphis

    Dental implants represent an additional choice for patients who wish to invest in permanent dentures. They are closest to natural teeth and are currently enjoying a very high success rate, resulting in their growing popularity.
  • Gateway Community Health Center

    Sullivan-Schein’s specialists provided the support and technical knowhow that helped the Gateway Community Health Center’s dental division meet its goals in effectively serving its burgeoning patient base in Laredo, Texas.
  • Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates

    “When I started my dental career at Annapolis Dental Laboratory nearly thirty years ago, I never imagined the way my life would be touched by its history,” remarks Nick Sullivan, Sullivan-Schein Field Sales Consultant (FSC). “It introduced me to my career, my wife, the Sullivan-Schein team, and to the doctors and staff of Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates.”
  • New Horizon Family Dental Care-Greenville, South Carolina

    New Horizon Family Dental Care (NHFDC) is a subsidiary of New Horizon Family Health Services (NHFHS), a not-for-profit federally qualified health center that has served the city of Greenville and 13 counties in Upstate South Carolina since 1992.

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