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  • Carpet in Ops or Not?

    When asked, “Can I have carpeting in the dental operatory?”, I spent some time researching this topic, and I’d like to share my findings with you. This was the answer from The Center for Disease Control (CDC) frequently asked questions section of the Web site under Oral Health.
  • Dr. Robert Cherry, State-of-the-Art...That's Straight from the Heart

    After the exponential growth of his home-based practice, Dr. Robert A. Cherry built a 2,800-sq. ft. general practice facility, incorporating orthodontics and facial orthopedics.
  • Why every office needs to be digital

    There is little doubt that the look and feel of the modern dental practice has evolved dramatically over the past 15–20 years.
  • Signature Endodontics

    Dr. Samual Ip’s new office, Signature Endodontics, located in Rancho Santa Marguerita, California, has just the right “hum” to qualify as an ideal environment for creating satisfied patients.
  • Role of Diode Lasers in Soft-Tissue Applications Continues to Expand

    The use of diode lasers continues to grow in general and specialty dental practices. The vast majority of dentists who purchase a soft-tissue laser today will buy a diode for a few key reasons.
  • Destruction-Proof Your Practice

    Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have devastated hundreds of dental practices in the Gulf Coast area and put thousands of dentists and their employees out of work for months.
  • Look the Part

    Even though this project that you are considering involves brick and mortar, it is actually an exercise in marketing.
  • The Dental Specialists of Jamestown North Dakota

    Want to seek business success? The prescription "location, location, location" often comes to mind.
  • Brown Family Dentistry

    Brown Family Dentistry, located in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a showcase office for style and efficiency—as well as an extensive lineup of dedicated dentists who all bear the last name of—you guessed it—Brown. Specifically, Dr. Tim Brown; his son Tipton; Tipton's wife Dawn; and son Tyler complete the roster of "Brown" family members.
  • What's Your Advice?

    This is an actual scenario. Read the challenges the dentist was facing and then decide what advice you would give. When you're finished, compare your recommendations with the actual ones suggested.

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