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  • Dr. Alan Krause - Monteville, NJ

    Sometimes technology can cause more problems than it is worth, particularly if someone chooses the wrong solution. Often doctors are doomed to switch technologies until they find the right one-a costly and frustrating process. Such was the case with Dr. Alan Krause of Monteville, New Jersey and his search for the right practice management system.
  • Cone Beam CT: A Breakthrough Imaging Technology for Dentistry

    Images of the craniofacial region comprise an important component of the dental patient record.
  • A Retirement Plan for Your Practice

    Fidelity Investments offers workable retirement plans with the options that today’s dental offices need. Both staff and doctor can benefit from Fidelity’s approach to retirement planning. And, your business will have added leverage in attracting job candidates seeking stable, long-term employment.
  • Exploring Cone Beam 3–D Dental Imaging

    Seeing is believing for patients and dentists alike when it comes to Cone Beam 3-D imaging. It's not just about viewing crystal-clear images and interpreting the detailed information they provide about a patient's health. It's also about seeing where the dental profession is heading in diagnostic technology-and where it needs to be.
  • Success is a Journey–Not a Destination

    Success is a journey-not a destination. In the following three chapters, you will meet three practitioners* who are in different stages of their dental journey.
  • Turning Your Dream Office Into A Successful Reality

    The title of this article represents the height of presumption and sophistry; it would be impossible to describe, in these few pages, all the elements required to create the office that will successfully support your practice.
  • The Wellness Center–Alameda, CA

    Dr. Terecita Dean's dream office is a multidimensional facility with a lot to offer. It has a fascinating history and also serves the community through the Doctor's outreach programs.
  • The Nash Institute for Dental Learning – Charlotte, NC

    Dr. Ross W. Nash and co-founder Debra Englehardt-Nash have melded their expertise in this exceptional facility that combines training in esthetic dentistry as well as practice-management techniques. The Institute’s reputation for hands-on classes has made it a hub for specialized learning while providing dental services to its many patients.
  • Dr. Roger Anderson - Denver, Colorado

    It's rare these days for something purchased more than a dozen years ago to still be just as powerful as the day it was bought. It's even more rare for that purchase to be a piece of technology. But that's just what is happening in the dental practice of Dr. Roger Anderson of Denver, Colorado. A decision in 1990 to abandon old technology for new is still reaping benefits more than a decade later.
  • Digital Imaging – It’s a Win-Win for Everyone!

    The new software makes imaging easier and quicker for the entire team—and involves patients in their own dental care, making them more willing to accept treatment options.

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