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  • Creating a Greener Dental Practice

    The good news: Going green is a smart move for the environment and for your bottom line! If you feel daunted by the undertaking, start by implementing the easiest strategies first and as time and finances permit, commit your office to doing more.
  • Keeping Up with the Times Using Digital Case Presentation

    In colonial times, dentists and patients had few choices. Filling a cavity, for example, involved rolling some type of metal between your fingers into a pellet-shape, sticking it in the crevasse and then shaping and polishing. As years passed, inventions continued to improve the dental experience. In the late 1800s, the invention of X-rays gave dentists the inside view of the mouth, and ether took pain out of dental surgery.
  • Brushing Up On Your Retirement Plan

    Regular checkups have long been a part of American Dental Association guidelines. Staying apprised of dental needs and making necessary changes are key to optimal oral health.
  • Same-Day Dentistry: Bringing the “WOW” Factor to Your Practice

    It is not enough these days to simply offer quality dentistry— everyone expects that. Any dental practice that wants to be highly successful has to reach for the “Wow” factor—that something special that says that your patients are receiving the best care possible. Today’s patients are savvy consumers who are also educated, pressed for time, and service oriented.
  • The “Greening” of Mint Dental Works – Dr. Jason McMillan–Portland, OR

    It isn’t every day that Henry Schein’s specialists have the opportunity to contribute their talents to creating the first LEED-approved—certifiably “green”—dental office in the United States.
  • A Winning Design and Technology That Leads the Way - Dr. Juliann R. Demand-Balski

    Henry Schein Dental’s Equipment and Technical Specialists realize the importance of innovative thinking when planning a new dental office. Obstacles become challenges that simply need the right approach and the specific insights of each of the various experts who are part of the “team” effort during the project.
  • Digital Imaging—Life-Changing Technology

    Hot towels, soft music, satellite TV, and ergonomic massaging chairs are just a few of the comforts that Aesthetic Dentistry patients find at our practice. Cosmetic procedures are elective—perspective patients do not arrive at the office in pain, but they have expendable income dedicated to the goal of improving their smile. For this reason, the aesthetic dentist’s challenge is to take diagnostic equipment to a higher level to be able to educate patients on available procedures.
  • Here and Now and Beneficial For All

    A case study on 3D imaging.
  • Dr. David Wilhelm - Newport Beach, CA

    If you love Old World elegance combined with hi-tech sensibility in a dental healthcare setting that is totally dedicated to the patient, Dr. David Wilhelm's new Newport Beach, California office is only a phone call away.
  • Dr. Alan Krause - Monteville, NJ

    Sometimes technology can cause more problems than it is worth, particularly if someone chooses the wrong solution. Often doctors are doomed to switch technologies until they find the right one-a costly and frustrating process. Such was the case with Dr. Alan Krause of Monteville, New Jersey and his search for the right practice management system.

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