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  • Best Practices In Building and Maintaining a Dental Office

    Building a new office is exciting and overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make. Four dental experts share their advice and best-practice recommendations for constructing and maintaining a new office, gained from their experiences with hundreds of dental practices across the country.
  • Creative Design of Practice Attracts New Associates and Families to Pediatric Office

    Pediatric Office Located in College Station, Texas, Brazos Valley Pediatric Dentistry is a strikingly modern building with a large tower that draws the most attention. However, the real innovation in this growing pediatric office is the seamless integration of digital technology that has propelled its expansion into a four-doctor practice, which now offers orthodontics.
  • What’s My Practice Worth?

    Learn about the key factors that determine how much your practice is really worth. Dr. Tom Snyder discusses some of the most important factors for increasing the value of your practice, and how it is more about the physical than the financial elements.
  • Digital Sensors - Not All Are Created Equal

    Most dentists acknowledge the benefits of digital imaging over traditional X-rays. What is not so obvious are the clear-cut advantages of choosing one digital sensor over another. In this article, Dr. John P. James shares his experience of using different sensors in his practice before finding a perfect fit with DEXIS.
  • Protect Data with a Security Risk Assessment

    With the onslaught of data breaches and computer hacking happening daily, securing patient health information must be a priority for every dental practice. Learn why a security risk assessment is a necessary investment and discover the best way to protect your practice from unknown vulnerabilities. Read More...
  • Practice Considerations for Technology Integration

    Investing in technology requires a careful balance of clinical and management skills to facilitate a smooth transition. There are five factors to consider when creating a plan to introduce new technology to a practice so it has a positive impact on both patients and staff. Read More...
  • Three Things Every Dental Practice Must Have

    Today’s dentists are more than highly educated health care providers: they are CEOs of complex businesses who face increasing pressure and competition. Learn about the three plans that every doctor must have in his/her business to maximize profitability and financial security. Read More...
  • Veteran Dentist Reaps Benefits of New Office Joy Dental Center

    After 17 years in dentistry, Dr. Faye Bishop-Cumberbatch took a leap of faith and built Joy Dental Center in Baytown, Texas. Learn how she came to that decision, and how choosing the right location and design has contributed to the overwhelming success she is enjoying today.
  • Expanding High-Quality Care: Carolina Practice Feels Like Home

    Dr. StephanieGray Hackney was happy with her existing office, but the financial freedom of owning her own building and expanding her services to include same-day and in-house restorations using CAD/CAM inspired her to build a beautiful new practice in Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • Is Your Practice Secure?

    Cybercriminals can make a bigger profit on the theft of patient health information than credit card numbers. Therefore, it is vital that practices have a robust combination of security solutions in place to protect that valuable data. Read about four essential tools every practice needs to protect itself and its patients.

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