Success Story: Four Key Elements That Propelled New Practice

Driven to re-image the dental visit, from one fraught with anxiety to anticipation, Dr. Haranchal Bains decided the best practice is one that she designs and creates herself.

For Dr. Bains, the most important elements in a dental practice are the equipment, office design and space, to ensure patient comfort and care, and an efficient workflow. Having looked into buying a practice for three years, and finding none that matched her ideal, she found a space in trendy Medford, Massachusetts, just minutes from her home.

While the concrete of Element Dental was being poured, she wasted no time searching for the latest solutions in dental patient care, attending the Yankee Dental conference in 2018. There, she and her husband spoke with Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Scott Lasser, who attentively listened to Dr. Bains’ ideas and goals. As an expectant new mother, with a new practice under construction, Mr. Lasser understood her requirements with regards to quality, care, and budget.  

Getting to Know All About You

Element Dental Signage

Mr. Lasser asked Dr. Bains about her short- and long-term vision for the practice, the types of patients she planned on treating, and her design and style choices. “Scott was amazing from day one,” exclaims Dr. Bains. “There are so many brands and choices on the market, it gets very confusing. He understood right away what I wanted in my practice and helped with everything, by planning for now and the future.”

Mr. Lasser showed Dr. Bains premium brands such as Midmark and A-dec, both which possess technology platforms that will allow her to expand into state-of-the art devices with a clean space. “It’s important to understand what the doctor wants to portray in terms of the dentistry she practices and as well as how she works,” explains Mr. Lasser. “From there, we can narrow down equipment options and get the right Henry Schein team members on board to help in the planning.”

Designed for Success

Located just outside of Boston, Dr. Bains’ new practice, appropriately called Element Dental, serves a diverse population of students, young professionals, and families. Dr. Bains and her team focus on preventive dentistry, family dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry, using modern technology and advanced techniques such as, 3D digital imaging and implantology, Botox® and dermal fillers, and more.

Mr. Lasser is especially attuned to how his clients work, in terms of bending, sitting, and posture. According to him, “there are more musculoskeletal injuries in dentistry than in sports. The right equipment can help doctors avoid back and nerve problems.”

Element Dental Grand Opening

“Most designers focus solely on making a space to look lovely,” adds Mr. Lasser. “Aesthetics are important, but we start by looking at what’s best in terms of workflow, and avoiding bottlenecks. We put thought behind overall production, efficiency, aesthetics and comfort.”

Henry Schein’s Integrated Design Studio was brought in by Mr. Lasser and worked with Dr. Bains to design her ideal practice. They put the finishing touches on setting up two of five operatories and a hygiene room. Additionally, they installed the necessary electrical wiring within the walls so that she could add more operatories with future growth.

“Basically, we built a foundation for later,” explains Mr. Lasser. “When we build out any practice, we explain to clients that they don’t have to outfit everything right away. We understood the doctor’s goals and budget and planned accordingly.”

Well Equipped

A  grand opening for Element Dental was held in late February 2020, one month before the city went on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grand opening, attended by Medford’s mayor as well as many residents and peers, showcased a modern, spacious, state-of-the-art office with clean lines and crisp colors.  Some of the specialized equipment and furnishings included:

It’s All Elementary

Dr. Bains’ practice ramped up quickly for nearly a month, before she had to shut down with the rest of the city due to the pandemic, giving Dr. Bains and her husband precious time to spend together with their new baby.

The clinic re-opened June 8, 2020, and she and her team were busier than ever. Online patient reviews regarding care and comfort have been overwhelming, with as many complimentary  reviews posted online as she has patients.

“We wanted to provide patient comfort and a seamless workflow, using the best equipment for care and safety,” says Dr. Bain. “Scott and the Henry Schein team were a one-stop shop. I am so impressed, because they think of everything. I’m glad I went to the experts. It’s all they do and they do it exceptionally well.”