Bridge City Dentistry’s Crowing Achievement

When the doctors at Bridge City Dentistry decided to relocate their burgeoning practice to a site three times the square footage of their current location, they envisioned doing more than expanding a premier dental practice. They wanted to build on their reputation of community support and leadership, and become a beacon of community service.

Located in rural North Dakota, Bridge City doctors Caron Berg and Tessa Lagein serve residents of the 6,000-plus Valley City community, as well as those living within a 40-mile radius.

“Our practice was built by helping people in our communities. People drive a long way to see us and we take that to heart,” says Dr. Lagein. “We recognize our opportunity to give back through active community support and leadership,” adds Dr. Berg. “We ask staff to volunteer, as do we, and we wanted our new location to have a room dedicated to community service as well.”

To make their vision a reality, the doctors contacted Henry Schein, with whom they had a solid relationship built upon years of service and trust.

Case History

Bridge City DentistryAfter 13 years, Bridge City Dentistry with its staff of 18, had simply overgrown its 3,000-square-foot facility. As luck would have it, the site of a 9,000-square-foot space, nestled in the heart of the downtown area, became available, and the doctors wasted no time securing the property.

“Their old site did not have a break area and the waiting area was small,” explains Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Adam Bridgeford. “They wanted more operatories, a more comfortable, open area for patients, and a place for continuing education events and community support meetings. The space was an old grocery store, converted to a pharmacy. They asked me if it would work. I said that it was fantastic.”

Transformation of Bridge City Dentistry began in December 2019 and completed on-time in June 2020, with little impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Bridgeford and his Henry Schein team worked closely with the doctors’ architect, builder, and designer to ensure the state-of-the art dental office reflected the doctors’ wishes. They reviewed designs to ensure optimal use of space, with considerations for future expansion, as well as equipment considerations based on workflow and ergonomics, and  compatibility with existing equipment.

Mr. Bridgeford observed the doctors and their team as they worked, to better understand their needs. He explains, “The dental assistants entered the sterilization area, on average 93 times per day. If we reduced a few seconds for every trip by creating a good process, it saves time throughout the day to get everyone home to their families."

A Warm Palate and a Lasting Impression

Bridge City Dentistry receptionBridge City Dentistry, named after the town’s legacy of bridges crossing the Sheyenne River, celebrated its grand opening in September 2020. They hosted a tailgate-themed event to support the annual high school homecoming that was canceled due to the pandemic. The event, held outdoors and following pandemic-related safety protocols, included a chili tent sponsored by the local Lions’ club, as well as small group tours of the new spacious, spa-like, office.

“Adam Bridgeford and the Henry Schein team helped us through the whole process,” exclaims Dr. Berg. “They were even here all day for the grand opening, helping serve food and setting up.”

“What makes our practice unique is that it offers comfort for all ages and all needs,” adds Dr. Lagein. “It’s spacious, but warm and relaxing, and is wheelchair accessible since it’s all on one floor.”

Bridge City Dentistry sterilization roomThe décor painted in a soothing palette of white, with highlights and furnishings in sandstone, gray, and slate, combined with the large open reception area, contribute to a serene, spa-like feel to help patients relax.

The clinical area is comprised of 10 spacious, but quiet, working operatories – with room for 5 more – and has an open wall design, helping make the patient experience as comfortable as possible. Some of the specialized furnishings and equipment designed to improve clinician ergonomics, ensure hygiene, and reduce clutter include:

Most importantly, the new office helps fulfill the doctors’ vision of creating a place where local community groups can gather and plan for the future. The conference room is replete with monitors and space to comfortably fit 25 people, once it becomes safe for larger groups to meet.