Dentsply Sirona CEREC MC XL Practice Lab Milling Unit

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When it comes to lab-side restorations such as bridge frameworks, customized implant abutments, surgical guides, telescopes, bars and attachments—MC XL can truly do it all. For the dentist who appreciates complete control, CEREC MC XL Practice Lab is the ideal addition to your practice. Accommodates block sizes up to 85mm.

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In addition to inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges, abutments, and surgical guides, you can grind all practice laboratory indications with the CEREC MC XL Practice Lab. You will be able to use all CAD/CAM materials (plastic, ceramic, and metal). Benefit from comfortable four grinding motors, the optional “extra-fine” grinding, and a user-friendly touch display.

  • Complete chairside and labside spectrum for block sizes of up to 85 mm
  • Grind/mill all CEREC & CEREC Practice Lab indications and materials
  • Precise and quick
  • Convenience with four motors and a…
  • Guided Implant Placement Supported by CEREC®

    Guided Implant Placement Supported by CEREC®

    Patients appreciate the ease and comfort of implants, and doctors can bring this profitable service in-house using four steps: scan, plan, place, and restore. Read how CEREC technology is helping doctors integrate implant dentistry into their practices.