Air Techniques AirStar® 70 Air Compressor

Air Techniques AirStar® 70 Air Compressor - Distributed by Henry Schein

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The Air Techniques AirStar 70 air compressor powers your dental handpieces with maximum speed and torque, while delivering ultra-dry, quadruple filtered compressed air that meets the highest infection control standards.

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Ensuring that your dental handpieces are powered for optimum torque and speed  and with the cleanest, driest, most sanitized air possible  is top priority in the dental office. That’s why investing in a reliable air compressor is crucial. Among the most trusted is Air Techniques AirStar 70 air compressor, engineered by America’s leading  and award-winning  manufacturer of dental air compressors. Rigorously tested for quality, each AirStar 70 air compressor features a powerful motor that delivers a constant supply of compressed air that’s quadruple filtered for infection control you and your patients can trust: once at the air compressor head, twice at the dryer and again as it leaves the antimicrobial tank. And while the Air Techniques AirStar 70 can service up to 12 simultaneous users, its remarkably small footprint allows for easy stowing in out-of-the-way spaces. Whether you’re performing basic dental and dental hygiene procedures or complex dental surgery and no matter which tool you’re using, from dental drill to air-driven scaler — you can rely on the AirStar 70 air compressor to deliver all the air power you need.

  • Exceptional filtering. The AirStar virus-bacterial filters and membrane drying unit retain more than 99.99995% for all particles, regardless of size
  • Down with humidity. The Air Techniques AirStar 70 stores compressed air at a 20% humidity level  well below hazardous levels; plus, its low-pressure dew point eliminates potentially harmful damp conditions
  • Oil-free. This air compressor runs on zero oil, which means easy maintenance and greater sterility
  • Real-time monitoring. Cloud-based AirStar Vision Monitor provides live status updates, device messages and remote support/configuration capabilities for 200 or more offices
  • 100% Oil-Free
  • Ultra-dry, clean, dental compressed air
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • New Membrane Dryer system produces driest possible compressed air while maximizing performance
  • Improved intake filters, new purge muffler design, shock mounts and flat frame reduce vibration and noise
  • Compact shape for space saving installation
  • Sized for your practice
Part Number AS70
Max. Number of Simultaneous Users 10
Number of Heads 3
Voltage (Min/Max) 200/250
Full Load Amps 24
Dimensions (HxWxD) 35 " x 47.75 " x  21.75"
Dimensions w/Sound
Reducing Cover
36.75" x 53" x 29.5"
Weight 430 lbs.

Upgrade your utility room with the most advanced AirStar compressor yet! Boasting a full color touchscreen for easy navigation and control as well as compatibility with Vision Monitor cloud based IoT platform, feel confident your equipment will operate efficently and alert you if there is a problem.

• Full color touchscreen display.

• Intuitive Navigation Menu for easy configuration and settings control.

• Worry free preventative maintenance system keeps office staff informed.

• Connect directly to Vision Monitor cloud platform without added hardware devices.

• Solid-state electronics for higher reliability.

• Smart head management prolongs motor life and reduces noise.


Vision Monitor Features:

• IoT Condition Monitoring system with web-based user interface (on web and mobile

App: Apple & Android)

• Alarms and (pre-) warnings are reported immediately to the desktop and by email

• Remote access to practice equipment via Cloud: easy, safe and secure device


• Legacy equipment monitoring for older or Classic, non-networked devices

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