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Henry Schein Equipment & Technology Print Catalog - Distributed by Henry Schein

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The 2018-19 Henry Schein Dental Equipment & Technology Catalog showcases products within a dental practice: Front Office, Treatment Room, CAD/CAM Technology, Imaging, Mechanical Room, and Sterilization. Readers can also view a number of products in the What’s New section, which highlights new Equipment & Technology that recently hit the market.

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The 2019 edition features the most comprehensive selection of advanced solutions in the industry. There has never been a better time to focus on the integration of technology in your practice to improve efficiency and productivity. Digital dentistry is all about delivering quality dentistry faster, allowing more time for patient care.

Complete with digital resources, this catalog provides new options to help you run a productive practice while delivering quality dentistry faster. This year, we have expanded our equipment offerings and continue to advance the integration of digital imaging solutions. Our CAD/CAM solutions are rapidly evolving dental practices across the country through digital workfl ow and same-day dentistry.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new dental offi ce, our National Design Group offers complete offi ce design services to help you reimagine the way your practice operates. Rely on us for on-site equipment and technical service so you can focus on providing the best patient care possible.