DEXIS™ Titanium Intraoral Dental X-Ray Sensor

DEXIS™ Titanium Intraoral Dental X-Ray Sensor - Distributed by Henry Schein

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The DEXIS Titanium intraoral dental X-ray sensor keeps workflows effortless, with motion-activated controls, comfortable intraoral positioning and impact-resistant housing that makes capturing dental radiographs a breeze.

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Combine comfort and confidence in a sensor that’s fit for every patient and practice. The DEXIS Titanium intraoral sensor is designed to capture clear, detailed X-rays of a patient’s oral cavity, in a compact, comfortable size that ensures maximum coverage and precision. Featuring tough, titanium housing that can withstand daily, rigorous use, as well as SMART technology that initiates a range of motion-detected commands, this digital dental X-ray sensor ensures a positive patient experience in a small, innovative package.

  • Comfortable. Enables quick and comfortable intraoral placement with its TrueComfort™ design, featuring beveled edges and a smooth, rounded casing
  • Sharp. Equipped with CleanCapture dental X-ray technology that captures clear, crisp radiographs, with improved tissue contrast, for greater diagnostic confidence
  • Compatible. Easily integrates with many of the most popular X-ray imaging software platforms, without any bridge or additional software purchases required


1. Is the DEXIS Titanium intraoral dental X-ray sensor impact-resistant?

Yes. This intraoral sensor is made of rugged, resilient housing that features a thermoplastic resin coating, allowing it to withstand significant stress and pressure, as well as cracks and breakage.*

* As compared to DEXIS Platinum sensor. Data on file.

2. Are the cable and accessories just as durable as the titanium housing?

Yes. The DEXIS Titanium intraoral dental X-ray sensor was redesigned as a whole to gain additional tensile strength. The outer cover for the cable, for instance, is better able to handle external forces such as biting, twisting and tugging — and the biteblocks are better able to uphold their integrity and withstand material degradation, even after frequent placement and a wide variety of disinfectants.*

In addition, the Kevlar®-reinforced cable strands add extra strength, helping increase bend cycle and extend the life of the cable.

* As compared to DEXIS Platinum sensor. Data on file.

3. How does this intraoral sensor enable practices to work more efficiently?

The DEXIS Titanium intraoral dental X-ray sensor allows clinicians to remotely diagnose the sensor to measure voltage, current and monitor image quality. Over time, sensor function and data analytics will occur in real-time, allowing the DEXIS Support Team to alert you of any inconsistencies in sensor performance — ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations.

Sensor architecture

Indirect converting dental IO X-Ray sensor

1692 by 1324 pixels

19.5 μm pixel pitch

20+ visible lp/mm

X-ray parameters

Sensor can be used with dental X-ray generators in the range of 60 to 70 kV; at minimal 40 μGy incident dose

SW architecture

USB 2.0 compliant USB interface + application interface to dental imaging software products

Operation system:

• Microsoft® Windows® 7 with current service pack

• Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 with current service pack

• Microsoft® Windows® 10 with current service pack

Electrical rating DC 5V, 0.5W

Connection to PC USB 2.0 compliant / USB3.x compatible

Protection against shock Type BF applied part

Mode of operation Continuous

Method of sterilization Sensor not suitable for sterilization


Sensor Dimensions 

Physical dimensions (mm) 29.8 x 39.9

Active area (mm) 26.0 x 33.0

Sensor thickness 8.8 mm

Weight 59.7 g

Cord thickness 3 mm

Cord length 2.5 m


Environmental conditions

Usage DEXIS Titanium sensor is not suitable to be operated in oxygen rich and/or explosive environments

Humidity 30% to 95%

Air pressure 700 to 1060 hPa

Ambient temperature 5° to 30° C


Transportation and storage Transport in the supplied protective package 

Humidity 10% to 95%

Air Pressure 700 to 160 hPa

Ambient Temperature -40 to 70° C

EU classification Class IIa medical device according to MDD 93/42/ECC

Protection against water/matter — IP 68


Supported software installed 

Dexis Titanium operates directly in the following software enviornments:

  • DEXIS 9.4.7 or higher
  • DEXIS 9.5.2. or higher
  • DEXIS 10.2 or higher