DEXIS™ FOCUS™  - Distributed by Henry Schein

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The DEXIS FOCUS unit’s practical design, backed by the innovative Anti-Drift Mechanism, ensures stable, stern usability for exacting modern dental care. Three arm lengths make it the perfect x Ray for any practice, and short exposure times minimize patient dose.

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Three different arm lengths make FOCUS the perfect X‑ray for any practice, no matter the layout

Short exposure times

Efficient exposure ensures successful imaging while minimizing patient dose

ADM (Anti-Drift Mechanism) eliminates drifting and the need for re‑positioning

Built in automatic dose display (DAP)

Attractive design

Pre-programmed settings for adult and pediatric dentitions

A variety of cones available

Technical Specifications

Generator Constant Potential:

High voltage DC, 100-200 kHz

Tube Voltage:

60 or 70 kV

Tube Current:

7 mA

Focal Spot:

0.7 mm to IEC 60336

Total Filtration:

2.0 mm Al (70 kV)

Line Voltage:

115 / 230 VAC +/- 10 %, 60/50 Hz

Exposure Time:

Range 0.02–3.2 seconds


69, 75 and 85 inches / 176,191 and 216 cm


66 lbs (30 kg)

Beam Limiting Cone Dimensions:     

Round diameter 2.36 inches (60 mm), rectangular 1.38 x 1.77 inches (35 x 45 mm)

SSD (Source‑Skin Distance):

Standard cone 9 inches (229 mm), long cone 12 inches (305 mm)


Remote Exposure Button

Two Remote Controls

Door Switch Readiness

External Exposure Lamp Readiness