Tischler Dental-Woodstock, N.Y

The practice was founded in 1971 by Dr. Maurice “Buzzy” Tischler, a certified acupuncturist with extensive training in homeopathic medicine and former clinical professor of prosthetics at NYU College of Dentistry. Specialized patient care services include dental implants, bone grafting, and cosmetic dentistry. Also on staff, Dr. Michael Tischler, nationally recognized lecturer, author, and continuing education instructor and associate Dr. W. Fred Milton, who completes the practice’s team of experts. The new office is situated on 9 scenic acres that reflect the Catskill area’s mountainous, wooded topography. Its beautifully landscaped grounds sport gardens and 2 waterfalls that emerge from natural rock outcroppings around the facility, welcoming all with the soothing sounds of a rushing stream.

The building’s relaxed style is reminiscent of the Adirondack/ Craftsman architectural style, and is a perfect match for its surroundings and the overall mood of the practice. Alignment with nature as a calming agent factors strongly into the practice’s philosophy of treating the “whole person.” Emphasis is placed on bringing the patient’s mouth to ideal health and aesthetics in a calming and stress-free environment. To achieve this, the best technologies available are integrated with traditional and holistic treatment methods such as acupuncture for the relief of stress and pain and homeopathic remedies both pre- and post-treatment to promote the healing process.

Every effort is afforded to ensure that the patient experience at Tischler Dental is a positive one. Patient safety concerns and well-being come first and includes heated sidewalks to melt seasonal snow and ice and a 7-zone air purification system inside the facility. The spacious reception area has been ergonomically planned to efficiently handle the office’s traffic. It offers a privacy area for confidential patient check-in and checkout, plus plenty of comfortable seating and an indoor waterfall. Warm-toned Brazilian cherry-wood floors are found in all nonclinical areas throughout the office as are large windows that invite the outdoors in and flood the reception area and every operatory with natural light. Artwork, created from photographs of local landscapes taken by Dr. Michael Tischler, adorns the walls throughout, adding just the right ambience.

All together, the 8,500-sq. ft. office houses 10 operatories, 2 of which also serve as surgical units; 3 separate sterilization areas; a multimedia suite; a seminar room; conference area; and a centrally located laboratory. Sullivan-Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Peter Lombardo worked with the doctors to ensure that the technology chosen fulfilled the vision the doctors had for their new facility. “The right equipment makes it possible for the practice to offer patients the latest treatments,” he notes. “Patients have more confidence in their healthcare providers when they see them operating with updated technology. The practice realizes greater revenues and the staff works smarter not harder—everyone benefits!”

Equipment choices include an in-office CAT scan from Imaging Sciences (the only one in the Hudson Valley), DENTRIX® practice-management software, and massaging chairs and cabinetry from Pelton & Crane. Top-of-the-line products such as these help the business run smoothly and stay competitive. Henry Schein Financial Services provided financing for the project and Consultants helped guide Tischler Dental with practice-management perspectives. Tischler Dental is well positioned to pursue its practice goals. Its technological capacity greatly improves the overall patient experience as well as the ability of the staff to streamline their activities. “My staff and patients feel they are in a special environment,” adds Dr. Michael Tischler.

Left to right: Peter Lombardo, Equipment Sales Specialist; Kristen Esler, Regional General Manager; Rayn Baker, Equipment Service Technician; Stu Novick, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Maurice “Buzzy” Tischler, Dr. Michael Tischler; Dr. W. Fred Milton

It is easy to agree with Dr. Tischler. The new office is not only a dental facility but a virtual oasis of treatment options presented in a unique and refreshing way. The doctors and staff are truly dedicated to the health of their patients, and if you happen to check out their Web site’s video segment, Dr. Michael Tischler says it all when he comments, “We all love what we do.”