The Gold Standard in Imaging Goes Platinum

Simply “Plug-n-ray”

By keeping the concept of the DEXIS single-sensor design and adding advancements in connectivity, image capture technology, and ergonomics, this exceptional sensor gives dental teams a new experience in digital imaging.

One unique feature of the DEXIS Platinum sensor is its direct USB digital technology that maximizes portability for use of a multiple-operatory setting. The capture and processing electronics are fully integrated into the sensor itself, enabling a direct connection to the computer, without any kind of adaptors, controllers, or docking stations. Additionally, durability is optimized with the first-ever gold plating on a sensor connector. “The company calls it ‘plug-n-ray,’ but we call it ‘easy’,” explains Dr. Terry Myers, of Belton, MO.

Diagnose with PureImage™

PureImage allows clinicians and their patients to view the subtleties within an image with a high degree of clarity and detail. Accomplished behind the scenes, this complex process starts with a state-of-the-art scintillator that sends the X-ray beam to the high-resolution CMOS sensor surface, providing more than 20 visible line pairs for remarkably clear images. The next component maximizes active area at the pixel level to offer even the smallest details, followed up by a converter that generates 16,000 shades of gray that makes subtle variations in densities more visible. And what does this mean clinically? Dr. Jeff Dalin of St. Louis explains that the increased size of the display capability is integral to proper diagnosis. When a patient brings in traditional film X-rays, “I take one look at those 1 inch by 2 inch films and ask them if I can retake these using my digital technology. I explain that I can no longer look at something that small when I have an opportunity to view the image on a large computer monitor with great resolution.”

“It’s very portable—the whole sensor and cable fits in the palm of your hand, and with the direct connection, it can easily move from one treatment room to the other.”

Expose less, see more

DEXIS Platinum’s enhanced quantum efficiency makes it highly receptive when capturing images across a dynamic range of radiation settings—meaning, the hardware and software work in harmony so that clinicians now have the ability to reduce the number of needed retakes related to under- and over-exposure while ultimately lowering radiation dosages. “We let patients know that their health concerns are a priority during every aspect of their dental visit, and we can prove this even more since we have started using Platinum,” says Dr. Cynthia Brattesani of San Francisco. “If we can decrease patients’ radiation exposure without sacrificing image clarity or detail, then we should definitely do that for them.” At 2.2 megapixels, images can be displayed at “ultra-large sizes”, providing zoom-in capabilities without forfeiting image quality. Dr. Brattesani notes that the resolution of the X-rays obtained by the new sensor is so sharp that “even when I enlarge the image to my heart’s content to direct the patient’s attention to a certain area, the images don’t lose quality.”

Position confidently, offer comfort

The PerfectSize™ sensor allows for vertical bitewings, horizontal bitewings, and all periapicals with a single sensor, eliminating both the cost and inconvenience of using multiple sensors of differing sizes. By enhancing DEXIS’ already highly ergonomic sensor housing, TrueComfort™ design optimizes both ease of use and patient comfort. Refined curves and a smooth, rounded casing ensure that there are no sharp edges to rub against the palate or any soft tissue, and a smaller angled dome facilitates precise placement even in tight areas. “Digital radiography has made the dental hygienist’s life easier and more efficient,” says Sherry Rice, RDH, hygienist at Dr. Dennis Grabowski’s practice in Lake Elmo, MN. “Our DEXIS sensor has rounded edges that make it comfortable. I can very quickly and efficiently position the sensor so I can avoid retakes—something my patients and I both appreciate.”

Work within the “Hub”

The easy-to-use DEXIS software, known for its one-click features and clinically meaningful tools, serves as an imaging hub that manages all digital images—including intra- and extra-oral radiographs and photographs—which are easily and quickly organized, stored, retrieved, printed, and shared with both patients and colleagues. DEXIS also integrates seamlessly with all major practice-management systems with its Integrator software to allow the clinician to preview thumbnails and diagnostic-sized images within the charting programs. Add the dynamic DEXIS Platinum sensor to the highly efficient and feature-rich DEXIS software, and one of the rewards is a 25-minute FMX procedure that can be reduced to 5 minutes with the “One-Click Full-Mouth Series.”

The benefits derived from Platinum technology touch on every aspect of the dental experience, from radiology to diagnosis and patient understanding. After implementing the Platinum sensor, Dr. Dalin, a long-time DEXIS owner, noted, “The superior results totally surprised me. DEXIS took something great and made it perfect.”