Utah Dentists Open Second High-Tech Location, Makes Lasting Impression

Spanish Fork Dentistry - Spanish Fork, UT

Richard Francis, DDS, FAGD; Eric Swenson, DDS, FAGD; Kyle Marshall, DDS, FAGD; Aaron Galbraith, DMD; Rachel Shaw, DMD; Chad Church, DDS; Matthew Ream, DMD

For a fleeting moment, breaking ground for a second practice — a million-dollar expansion located four miles away — at the onset of a global pandemic, seemed like the worst decision the three partners at Utah’s Springville Dentistry could possibly make.

Spanish Fork Dentistry

Spanish Fork Dentistry, Spanish Fork, Utah

It turned out to be the right decision at the best time. Both Springville and their new Spanish Fork Dentistry locations have been experiencing exponential growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic, an earlier state-wide shut down, and fierce competition.

Business was booming at Springville Dentistry, a full-service clinic, founded by Dr. Richard Francis in 1997. Situated in one of the nation’s most breath-taking regions — the Wasatch Range of The Rocky Mountains — Springville is a thriving upper middle-class bedroom community.

The high-tech, high-touch family practice grew over the years in capacity and in specialization, offering a wide range of treatment options such as cosmetic and restorative dentistry, digital X-rays, same-day crowns, as well as orthodontics. The Springville staff of nearly 20 members, serving patients in its expansive 10,000 square-foot practice, with 14 treatment rooms, had been operating at full capacity, with increasing patient wait times.

“The demand was there, and we had to meet it,” “says Dr. Kyle Marshall. “If we didn’t, someone else would. We began looking for a new space in 2018. We considered opening a second location just for orthodontics, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

If You Build It, They Will Come

KaVo CBCT Imaging

Patients love the fact that the doctors can diagnose and treat them the same day, under one roof with 3D imaging.

Leveraging their 15-year relationship with Henry Schein, the doctors asked their dedicated Field Sales Consultant Ryan Fish, and Equipment Sales Specialist Andrew Cottle, for help.

Mr. Fish and Mr. Cottle invited the doctors to join them in Oregon, at an A-dec-sponsored seminar led by award-winning dental office design expert Dr. Mark Tholen, on how to successfully navigate common pitfalls in dentistry remodeling and construction projects.

“Dr. Tholen is phenomenal at explaining the risk-levels and how to be successful,” says Mr. Cottle. “He explains what to look for in a location, recommends types of financing based on your individual situation, and helps you figure out when to expect a profit.”

As soon as Dr. Richard Francis, Dr. Eric Swenson, and Dr. Kyle Marshall left the seminar, they called a local a realtor to help them find a new location.

Over the course of the next 18 months, the doctors found an ideal location in a newer section of neighboring Spanish Fork, the fourth largest city in Utah, and began planning and mapping out a new space with their Henry Schein team.

Informed of the doctors’ goals for the new construction, Mr. Fish and Mr. Cottle enlisted Henry Schein’s Integrated Design Studio and walked the team of doctors through every step of the build-out process from building design considerations to architect, contractor, and equipment selection, as well as selecting a lending institution.


Open and airy, the waiting room’s floor-to-ceiling filtered windows take advantage of the abundant natural light as well as the stunning view of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

“There’s a lot to consider when building out a new practice,” explains Mr. Cottle. “The doctors really took heed to our proven processes and trusted us to implement them.”

Breaking Ground

Construction for the new 5,000 square-foot Spanish Fork location began in March 2020, nearly 18 months after the doctors attended the A-dec seminar, and just before Utah’s governor declared a state-wide lockdown to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While the pandemic did not impact or slow down construction, the doctors felt a lot of consternation having the high expense of ongoing construction, while the entire Springville practice was closed, except for emergencies.  Little did they know, those feelings would soon be history.

The Springville location re-opened within six weeks of starting construction. Spanish Fork Dentistry opened for business, after two years in the making, on September 1, 2020. With new pandemic restrictions in place, the live grand opening consisted of a small, socially-distant ribbon cutting and celebration with the Springville/Spanish Fork Dentistry team, Henry Schein team members, and A-dec representatives. Mr. Fish and Mr. Cottle created a virtual tour and video-taped an interview with the doctors to share on local TV stations and social media.

A Masterpiece in Dental Design

Sterilization Room

Centrally located for the convenience of all staff, every square foot of the sterilization center is organized into functional workspaces, with a specified area for each process.

The practice buildout was a true team effort marrying the intimacy of a small office feel, with the advantages of a high-tech environment, in a fully integrated 13-operatory multi-specialty practice.

Dr. Marshall, an art enthusiast whose parents are working artists, took charge of the interior design, selecting the color pallet and fabric textures used throughout the office.

“Many of our patients have been to other dentists’ offices,” says Dr. Marshall. “When they walk through our doors, I want them to see and feel a difference.”

“Dr. Marshall has an incredible eye” says Mr. Cottle. “His design makes this a showcase office.”

The Spanish Fork Dentistry office design is open and inviting from the moment patients enter. A smattering of cool blues and warm yellows pop out of the broader earth tones and complement the brick interior wall which flows throughout all rooms in the practice.

Treatment Room

The treatment rooms are replete with the A-dec equipment. Treatment chairs are designed for patients’ optimal comfort as well as staff’s ergonomic positioning, ensuring better patient care, pain-free, for a long time.

The overall workflow centers around integrated, state-of-the art dental technology and cabinetry which includes:

  • Treatment rooms located on exterior walls adding to ambient lighting
  • Operatory layout and furnishings ergonomically designed with doctor, patient, and assistant comfort in mind, enhanced with calming window views of the nearby mountain range

The Spanish Fork Dentistry office is outfitted with A-dec millwork and cabinetry, specifically designed to store the many tools and supplies dentists need on a day-to-day basis. The A-dec equipment exceeds the doctors’ requirements for both esthetics and efficiency. According to Dr. Marshall, “The A-dec system is by far more efficient than any other cabinetry we’ve seen, and the esthetics are amazing. You can customize the cabinets however you want to use them. We don’t have to get up and move around the patient -- everything is out of sight, maintaining a clean open room, but always within reach.”

The centrally located A-dec Inspire sterilization center improves staff efficiency, reduces operating costs, increases quality, and improves patient care to make this room the staff's favorite. Sterilization areas, by nature, are high-traffic areas frequented by hygienists and dentists throughout the day. Every square foot of the sterilization center is organized into functional workspaces, with a specified area for receiving and cleaning, preparation and packaging, and sterilization and storage. The configuration was designed to follow recommended CDC protocol, creating a safe, consistent process, and streamlining the flow of materials.

The new office also has a KaVo OP 3D Cone Beam machine, which provides more accurate pictures of a patient’s vital structures in a three-dimensional perspective to help properly diagnose and create a more precise treatment plan. “With 3D you can see more clearly, diagnose more accurately and treat more effectively and conveniently for your patients,” says Dr. Marshall. “With 3D technology we can diagnose and treat a patient same day under one roof.”

Time to Grow Again

Ortho Bay

Canyon Creek Orthodontics is located right next door to Spanish Fork Dentistry, making referrals easy and convenient for patients.

Staff from the Springville location rotate between both offices. And while each location boasts a broad array of state-of-the-art dental and orthodontic services, there was a period, however brief, of disappointment, says Dr. Marshall. “We are used to a high-capacity dental practice. When Spanish Fork Dentistry opened, the reaction was more like, ‘Oh, this is not what we expected.’ And admittedly, I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with the whole workflow. It all felt very different from what I was used to.” But that was then.

This is now: “I really can’t imagine going back,” Dr. Marshall admits. “I love the flow. Everything is touchpad and automated and efficient. There’s a better flow from check-in to the operatories, to check-out.”

As for community adoption, success was immediate. “Our 2020 revenues were the best ever for Springville and we exceeded projections at Spanish Fork,” Dr. Marshall enthusiastically exclaims.

In fact, business is so good the doctors recently signed a letter of intent for a third location!

Understanding the secret to success can be summed up in one word: Trust. Says Mr. Cottle, “The great thing about this group of doctors was their trust in the processes that Henry Schein presented them. They joined us at A-dec. They made a big investment in high-quality equipment and implemented all the tools that Henry Schein recommends for dentists. Essentially, they put their trust in Henry Schein as a key partner.”

Dr. Marshall concurs, “Henry Schein has been with us and helped us grow for more than 10 years. By having a vision and the right team, you just have to trust in seeing things all the way through. We had doubts with the pandemic. Regardless, things lined up perfectly. With the right team, the sky’s the limit.” ♦

Spanish Fork Dentistry team photo

Left to Right: Bob Lynam, A-dec Representative; Ryan Fish, Field Sales Consultant; Andrew Cottle, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Eric Swenson; Dr. Rachel Shaw; Dr. Chad Church; Dr. Richard Francis; Dr. Kyle Marshall; Dave Jacklin, Regional Manager; Myron Vea, Regional Operations Manager; Paul Erwin, Equipment Service Technician