Simply Inspiring Imaging

Patients buy what they value. When they “see” the problem or the caries in high definition, their value for your recommended treatment goes up, and they often have no problem understanding, accepting, and scheduling the appointment. Using digital X-rays is almost like allowing patients to co-diagnose their problems alongside clinicians because they are able to take part in the education of what they are viewing.

Schick 33 intraoral sensor from Dentsply Sirona combines high-resolution images and dynamic image management. The sensor’s patented imaging technology offers a theoretical resolution limit of 33 line pairs per millimeter, the highest in the industry.

Schick 33’s image quality is based on a combination of the second generation of Dentsply Sirona’s CMOS-APS imaging technology (the first generation of which launched in 1998) with its 15 μm pixels and imaging software tools. Dentists can adjust sharpness depending on their need to focus on apical or coronal details, while the different task setting can provide ideal diagnostic appearance for caries detection, endodontics, or periodontics.

With regard to imaging software, Dentsply Sirona’s focus over the last few years has been on bringing their imaging technology products onto a single platform—the result was Sidexis 4. “Sidexis 4 allows us to not only place every image captured in the practice onto the same screen for diagnostic and communication purposes, but also allows us to do so much more with those images,” said Mr. Goldstone.

“The software tools allow dentists to make real-time adjustments to the image sharpness as well as adjust the images’ appearance in customized formats to suit both clinical needs and their own personal tastes.” Joe Goldstone, Dentsply Sirona Director of Marketing, Intraoral Imaging

Starting with Schick 33 and Sidexis 4, clinicians are opening a door into integrated workflow solutions. Dentsply Sirona’s full range of imaging products use Sidexis 4 as a base to offer access to implantology, sleep apnea, and TMD treatments.

“Bringing our products closer together to provide solutions whose whole is greater than the sum of their individual parts represents our vision, and we’re looking forward to bringing Schick 33’s outstanding usability and image quality into the integrated solutions arena with upcoming releases of Dentsply Sirona software,” added Mr. Goldstone.

As originally published in Dental Product Shopper and later re-published in Sidekick Magazine.