Revolutionary In-Office CAD/CAM Technology is the Perfect Addition to a State-of-the-Art Practice

By Mary Verardi, DDS

Bringing an out-of-date practice into the 21st century can be challenging, costly, and take years. Therefore, when the opportunity presents itself to establish a new practice from the ground up, it simultaneously offers unique possibilities for incorporating state-of-the-art technologies as opposed to buying an existing practice and renovating it.

As a dentist, my objective always has been to remain on the cutting edge, but I was determined to do it right. So, when building my new practice in Orlando, Florida, I invested in state-of-the-art technologies, including Mediadent imaging software, voice activated software, and digital radiographs rather than traditional X-rays. As a result, from the start we’ve maintained a paperless, fully digital 3,000-square feet, seven operatory, high-tech practice in which we can deliver optimal care to our nearly 4,000 patients.

Although I’ve been in this location for almost six years, I continue to explore new ways to improve my patients’ dental experiences. Having already conquered the goal of going digital and paperless, our most recent addition was the E4D Dentist System, an innovative and advanced chairside CAD/CAM technology.

Choosing the Most Advanced Technology

What ultimately made E4D the right decision for my practice was the genius of the technology and the superior quality of the end result. In my practice, I’ve continuously raised the bar for myself and my staff when it comes to patient treatments and procedures. What was good five years ago isn’t necessarily the best today, and I had been waiting for the ability to fabricate a restoration on par with my standards. I was hoping for better margins and more durable porcelain. The E4D delivers both and more. Restorations fabricated with the E4D Dentist System provide a better fit, better function, better aesthetics and, to top it off, can be completed in one visit.

Ensuring Thorough Training & Support

A natural concern, however, is being left on your own once you’ve invested in the equipment. That’s not the case with D4D Technologies, the company that developed and stands behind every E4D Dentist System. Personally, I’ve never experienced better training and support they offer. Their comprehensive training program was wonderful. System integration into the office involved an E4D Clinical Integration Specialist spending a day with us in our office, during which we were able to complete four crowns in five hours.

But the training and support don’t end there. With the Support-on-Sight (SOS), if an issue should occur at any time—even during a restorative procedure—the Support team can actually take over the reins in real-time to provide the assistance and support you need, or they can talk you through it, explaining each step.

Ease of Use & Integration

Sized for in-office use, the design center is housed in a mobile unit, and the milling unit is kept in the office, which eliminates the need to send restorations to an outside laboratory. Knowing that you can provide a quality service and that your patients are gratified is extremely rewarding and has re-energized my entire staff.

For example, my assistant, a certified CAD/CAM Dental Designer, has developed the skills to actually design my restorations. If I begin an E4D restoration design and am called away, she can take over, and vice versa. This represents a huge benefit, since her training enables her to participate in the process, from scanning to staining and glazing.

Elevated Care & Patient Acceptance

E4D’s DentaLogic™ software enables you to scan, design, and fabricate veneers, inlays, onlays, and full-contour crowns in one day, and the process represents the ultimate in convenience.
It’s as easy as waving the Intraoral Digitizer laser scanner (IOD). The software is so revolutionary there’s no need for messy contrasting agents or sprays. Patients don’t have to wait two weeks for their restorations, which eliminates the need for temporaries and return visits. So, the amount of convenience it offers is unbelievable.

Patients are excited, and they marvel at the convenience of one-day restorations and are ultimately relieved by the comfort and ease of the procedure. After scanning and completing the design, we walk them to the in-office lab- where they watch in amazement as their restoration is being milled.


The standard of care that the E4D Dentist System allows us to provide is unprecedented. It was unheard of to provide a custom porcelain restoration of the quality I was looking for in one visit until E4D. After all is said and done, the most satisfying aspect of investing in the E4D is that once our patients witness the technology and convenience firsthand, they are no longer afraid to come to the dentist. The ability to provide state-of-the-art treatments and the highest standard of care has redefined what we do, and that, in turn has improved the dynamics of my practice tremendously.