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  • Company Spotlight - Midmark Corporation

    Midmark has made a name for itself as one of the premiere dental equipment manufacturers, and that success is propelled by its long history in patient care, including in the medical and animal health markets. Read more about how its corporate culture sets Midmark apart as an innovator in the dental space. Learn More...
  • The Basics of CAD/CAM Dental Milling

    CAD/CAM technology has helped to transform the manner in which restorative treatment can be provided. In particular, the ability to provide patients with single-visit indirect restorations is appreciated by clinicians and patients. Chairside milling produces restorations that are at least as accurate as traditionally fabricated indirect restorations. Chairside milling also allows clinicians to optimize the process flow, reducing chairside time, increasing efficiency, and saving patients additional visits.
  • How to Choose the Right Intraoral Scanner

    Be sure to review the different applications, features, and manufacturers of intraoral scanners, as well as your total cost of ownership and ROI, before selecting a digital impressioning scanner for you and your practice. Henry Schein Dental’s Product Category Manager for Digital Restorations, Tyler Steck, narrows down the top 10 considerations to take into account.
  • The Power of Color

    How do you choose color? Color is a powerful design tool that has an impact on influencing emotion, mood, and even physiological reactions. The color you choose for your operatory can affect your patients. Whatever you choose, let your color inspire both your practice and your patients!
  • What Matters to Patients?

    You might be the most precise, well-liked, and well-educated dentist, but if your patients do not feel comfortable they’re not likely to return, or worse, they’ll reconsider seeking dental care altogether. For some, fear has become a routine part of the dental experience. Although this fear is unique to each patient, similarities can be seen from case to case.
  • A report on a diagnostic digital workflow for esthetic dental rehabilitation using additive manufacturing technologies

    The digital workflow—from the intraoral scanning, through the CAD design of the facially generated diagnostic digital wax-up, to the CAD-designed and 3D printed silicone index with the diagnostic mock-up—provides a new approach that avoids the conventional manufacturing of casts. Read More...
  • Increase in New Patient Flow and Referrals

    If you ask a dentist what is the greatest challenge their practice faces today, you are likely to hear new patient flow.
  • Connecting Elements: Ergonomics, Efficiency, and Office Design

    Dental professionals work in a complex environment that requires consideration of ergonomics. This encompasses physical, psychosocial, and organizational factors. Fourhanded dentistry results in organized and collaborative performance of work, effectiveness, increased productivity and efficiency, and helps to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries when performed properly. The dental operatory design, operatory furniture, and instruments require particular consideration and can help provide ergonomic solutions in dentistry.
  • Same-Day Crowns with the True Definition Scanner and Planmeca PlanMill

    Digital scanning technology paired with chairside milling has made same-day restorations more affordable than ever.
  • Digital Dentistry: The Best Care Available!

    Today’s CAD/CAM workflow and materials have elevated restorative work to lab quality and expanded the possibilities for its use. With the option to utilize same-day in-house milling or to work with a lab, CAD/CAM meets the growing desire of patients to receive same-day dentistry while delivering exceptional grade quality and aesthetics.

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