Doctor Embraces High-Tech Practice in His Second Silicon Valley Location

Los Altos Orthodontics – Los Altos, CA | David R. Boschken, DMD

Reception area

Kid's area

Sophisticated, tech-savvy patients are treated to modern, industrial aesthetics when they enter the practice, with utilitarian-style seating, iPad games for waiting kids, and a combination of metal, wood, and glass materials throughout.

When you own a dental practice in tech-savvy Silicon Valley, expectations among patients are high. Many are accustomed to using cutting-edge technology every day at home and at work, so it’s natural for them to expect that same experience when they visit their dentist. Dr. David R. Boschken of Los Altos Orthodontics recognized this—so when he relocated and rebuilt his Los Altos orthodontic practice, he focused on investing in state-of-the-art technology and design. The industrial, utilitarian-styled orthodontics practice moved to a new address in July 2017, but with its new sophisticated aesthetic and visible location, it has already enjoyed incredible growth: 50 new patients come to the office each month, new patient exams are up 30%, and the doctor is seeing an incredible 98% treatment acceptance rate!

The decision to relocate wasn’t necessarily an easy one. The Los Altos practice, which Dr. Boschken purchased in 2010 when he became its third owner, had been in the same residential neighborhood for 30 years. It was known. It was familiar. However, it was also not sufficient for the type of orthodontic care Dr. Boschken offers. The equipment was becoming outdated, and the 1,100 square-feet footprint only contained four chairs. The space was also leased, and Dr. Boschken wanted to own his space and grow that asset along with his business. He decided to move to a new location and create the practice that he always wanted.

Los Altos Orthodontics exterior

The building is on a highly trafficked corner. With a craftsman-style vibe and stacked stone facade, it’s attractive and inviting, and communicates the upscale level of care inside.

As luck would have it, a site became available in downtown Los Altos, California, in a new building that had not yet been constructed, but was taking reservations.

“I am always ready for opportunities in life that pop up,” said Dr. Boschken. “That has been my way. So I was ready financially and professionally to make the change.”


More like a contemporary retail store than an orthodontics office, the practice features a generous use of etched glass to denote different treatment areas while still maintaining an environment that feels open and spacious. Inlaid LED lighting draws patients to the simple, unadorned brushing station that sits at one end of the hallway.

Until the building was completed, the doctor had to move into a temporary office, which was a daunting task. However, 11 years earlier, he had made the same move while remodeling his other office, San Jose Orthodontics. He relocated to alternative space during that previous construction with the help of Henry Schein, Equipment Sales Specialist Joe Fazzio, and Field Sales Consultant Kathleen Dewey. The doctor reached out to Mr. Fazzio, not only to manage logistics on moving his practice temporarily, but also to help him select and configure the equipment for the new office as well.

“We sat down and went over the doctor’s vision for the Los Altos office,” commented Mr. Fazzio. “He wanted it to be the best in the area, and I’m proud that he had the confidence and trust to work with me a second time.”

High-End Design Surpasses Patient Expectations
To meet the high expectations of his clientele, the doctor invested in the downtown site, which is on a leafy street in the heart of the village. He incorporated high-end finishes, along with equipment that would assist him and his team to maximize productivity while wrapping their patients in a positive, upscale ambiance.

HallwayThe building exterior is attractive, highlighted by a stacked stone façade that leads into a simple, sleek interior. As is customary in industrial design, the 3,300 square-feet office leans heavily on reclaimed wood, metal, and concrete materials in everything from the furniture to the flooring to the wall accents. The color palette is simple and neutral, mainly white with charcoal gray countertops in the treatment rooms and subtle pops of blue in statement walls and in the lighting throughout the facility.

In the previous office, the check-in/check-out desk was combined in the reception area, and it was very tight. However, in the new office, there is plenty of seating for waiting patients who are now separated from a check-out lounge that affords greater privacy and prevents bottlenecks.

The spacious office has six open bay treatment chairs and two private adult treatment rooms for older patients who don’t want their adjustments being done while sitting in the middle of much younger patients. Dr. Boschken selected A-dec chairs and LED lights along with MCC ortho carts. American-made, with an ultra-modern look, the A-dec brand appealed to the doctor’s desire for a visually enticing configuration with proven longevity and functionality.

Orthodontic bay

The six-chair open bay is filled with cheerful light as it’s surrounded by walls of windows. Chairs and lights are by A-dec and ortho carts by MCC.

Digital Technology—More Precise and More Comfortable

Treatment room

The private treatment rooms echo the industrial theme, with concrete flooring, wood panels, and A-dec chairs that have beautiful lines and are also functional and durable.

The move to a new office also meant a move to updated digital technology that streamlines orthodontic treatment, enhances diagnostics, and optimizes processes so they are faster and more comfortable for the patients. One advancement the doctor added to the new office is the Planmeca ProMax 3D cone beam X-ray system in his imaging room. It provides precise measurements and images along with robust data, a benefit to those receiving care as well as to the staff.

Imaging room

The Planmeca ProMax 3D cone beam system is an integral part of the doctor’s treatment planning, allowing him to view anatomical issues he couldn’t see any other way and address them during treatment planning.

The Planmeca ProMax provides a full-mouth view, highlighting any hidden areas of complication that might require specialized solutions. The speed and ease of this technology helps the office staff be more efficient, which naturally speeds up workflows while still engendering a feeling of relaxation in the patient.

“The workflow has been designed to minimize any sort of ‘rush’ mentality,” noted the doctor.

Workflows and room turnover are also enhanced by a sterilization center that is stocked with top-of-the-line equipment from Midmark and SciCan, as well as the VistaPure water purification system. Dr. Boschken spared no expense, whether equipment was patient-facing or supports behind the scenes. That investment shows in the smooth practice operations, patient satisfaction, referrals to friends and families, and the high morale of his staff.

Sterilization room

Stainless steel cabinetry houses top-of-the-line sterilization equipment from Midmark and SciCan, and a VistaPure water system. The combination ensures maximum safety and also streamlines the dirty-to-clean operations so staff can turn over chairs more quickly.

“We flow unbelievably well,” confirmed Dr. Boschken. “Seeing 80-90 patients each day feels like nothing due to the systems and processes implemented in the new office. It also helps that we are 70% Invisalign, which allows us to push patients out three to four months between appointments. My team is happier because they have space to move and deliver exceptional customer service without feeling pinched due to the volume of patients. We are just able to deliver a higher level of customer service and care.”

The doctor is already thinking about what a third office might look like one day.

“I tell my patients, team, and myself that we are no longer looking back in history as a reference for how orthodontics should look. I am constantly thinking about the next, better way to deliver service and treatment. Sitting back and waiting for change to happen was never my way!”

Dr. Boschken recommends other doctors who are considering investing in the latest technology or a new office to think big. “Remove fear from the decision. Building something beautiful takes time and a commitment to excellence.” ♦

Group picture

From Left to Right: Kathleen Dewey, Field Sales Consultant; Nicole Pruitt, Director of Operations, Boschken Orthodontics; Dr. David R. Boschken; Gabriela Garces, Regional Manager. Not Pictured: Joe Fazzio, Equipment Sales Specialist.

This article was originally published in Sidekick Magazine.