Hutchinson Family Dentistry Hutchinson, Minnesota

Dr. David Mach, Dr. Steven Flinn, Dr. Chuck Neufeld

Dr. David Mach and his associates, Dr. Steven Flinn and Dr. Chuck Neufeld, merged their two practices—each with long, 50-year histories in downtown Hutchinson, Minnesota—to form Hutchinson Family Dentistry. But with only five operatories between them, the three doctors had clearly outgrown their locations. They knew they wanted to remain a part of downtown Hutchinson because they all felt a strong connection and appreciation for this culture-rich community. Therefore, building a new practice in a historic location that dated back to the 1800s was appealing to them.

The waiting area–with its freshwater fish tank, brown and tan décor, and glass walls–welcomes patients.

From Humble Beginnings…

In 1883, the building that is now Hutchinson Family Dentistry was just an unassuming stable that served the bustling hotel located across the alley. Over the years, the building took on a variety of tenants and renovations; multiple buildings had been conjoined, resulting in a curious layout. That became both the charm and the challenge for Dr. Mach as he sought to renovate the building yet again to make it the new home of Hutchinson Family Dentistry.

Dr. Mach’s previous location had a severe lack of space and outdated electrical wiring. The space was so tight in the operatories as well as the sterilization and waiting areas; both the staff and patients sat shoulder-to-shoulder at times. In addition, Dr. Mach wanted to upgrade his technology and become a more efficient, paperless office. The technology required more square footage and an upgraded infrastructure that a build-out could provide.

The red brick facade and clear glass sign are a mix of the old and new.

“It was a difficult build-out because the site was actually three buildings combined over the years,” noted Shawn Bengtson, the Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist that worked with Hutchinson Family Dentistry on the project. “Only about a third of the property was accessible through a basement, and combined with the open-ceiling concept, running wire throughout the office was a challenge. Diane Stacey, from our National Design Group, was able to work with the available space to make the placement of utilities work and everything flow.”

The operatories are state of the art and the ultimate in luxury, with Pelton

…to a Spectacular Office

Open since April 2012 in downtown Hutchinson, the new practice is a spacious 5,900 square feet and houses eleven operatories. Eight of the operatories are furnished with luxrious Pelton & Crane chairs, cabinetry, and lights. Three additional operatories are plumbed for future expansion. Despite its large size, the office feels warm and welcoming and is decorated in contemporary country style. To achieve that aesthetic look, old-style architectural elements have been carefully preserved, including the tin ceiling, exposed ductwork, brickwork, and original massive wood trusses that Dr. Mach has painstakingly refinished by hand. Stunning artwork, lighting, etched glass, flooring, and decor that is clean and modern complement these timeless pieces.

The exterior is an attractive blend of old and new, with a large, clear glass sign set against the traditional red brick façade. A mural depicting what a visitor might have seen 100 years ago further celebrates the history of this amazing structure.

A beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass wall separates the entry and exit.

Design and Décor Inspired by Nature

Entering the office, patients’ eyes are immediately drawn to the large freshwater fish tank filled with sunfish, crappie, and perch, all native to the region. A floor-to-ceiling clear glass wall, etched with a whimsical pattern, separates the entry and exit. The furniture and flooring colors are influenced by an original naturalistic print by Hutchinson artist Les Kouba. That image—of ducks landing in a peaceful pond—has been beautifully converted to a gray-scale screen mounted to a 4’ x 6’ glass panel; it separates the lobby from the treatment areas but still allows light to pass through. The doctors have invited a regular rotation of local artists to display their creations—gallery style—throughout the practice.

The previous practice was not only small, but also dimly lit. Before renovation, this new office had no windows on the east wall at all, so four windows were cut in, flooding it with natural light. A large skylight in the main treatment area also ensures sunlight fills the office.

A local artist’s rendition of artwork on metal, capturing the contemporary country style of the office.

Sizeable Improvements for Operatory and Sterilization Areas

The operatories and sterilization area are a “large” improvement from the previous office, literally! Unlike the existing practice, where the operatories were small, they are now standard-sized and outfitted with Pelton & Crane chairs and Renaissance cabinetry, with many built-ins to keep the supplies and sharps disposals concealed and out of the way. In each operatory window hangs a unique screened photo chosen as a favorite by each doctor. The doctors (and patients) can look up throughout the day and see these treasured images beautifully illuminated from the sunlight.

Another problem was sterilization. In the old office, the undersized sterilization center was a bottleneck, but in the new office, the three-sided galley sterilization area has a separate entry/exit area and plenty of room. Although most offices use a left-to-right flow, a chimney stack in the area made this difficult. The Henry Schein design team designed a right-to-left layout, better suited to that space.

“In the previous office, space was the largest problem, followed by electrical wiring,” explains Dr. Mach. “We wanted to get into the digital era and go paperless. In addition, we wanted to add the E4D to our practice, along with all new computers, to make our front desk and systems operation more efficient.”

State-of-the-Art Technology Generates Growth

In an interesting contrast to its rustic elements, this office is also the home to some of the most advanced, cutting-edge equipment and technology in the industry.

The E4D is located in a high-traffic hallway, allowing patients to see this amazing technology at work.

A galley-style sterilization center with equipment from SciCan, Miele and Tuttnauer.

“In the previous office, space was the largest problem, followed by electrical wiring,” explains Dr. Mach. “We wanted to get into the digital era and go paperless. In addition, we wanted to add the E4D to our practice, along with all new computers, to make our front desk and systems operation more efficient.”

Hutchinson Family Dentistry asked the Henry Schein TechCentral team to supply and install the networked Dell computers and servers. The office is now completely digital, making procedures and processes more streamlined and convenient for the patients and front desk.

For diagnostics and treatment, the three doctors use Dexis Platinum sensors for greater clarity and comfort. In addition, the attractive financing options from Henry Schein Financial Services allowed them to purchase the E4D and Design Center. The CAD/CAM enables them to provide same-day crowns to their patients—a concept they have completely embraced.

“When it came to the equipment, IT, installation, and repair, Henry Schein’s team was awesome. They knew my needs, and we worked together to get what was best for the practice,” says Dr. Mach.

The practice has been designed to be a living office that will continue to grow and change with the times.

“I am especially proud of how we incorporated our community into our office through art and design,” Dr. Mach notes. “We love all aspects that Henry Schein helped to implement—from equipment to supplies. Our staff and patients absolutely love it. We’ve now been in the office for six months, and looking at the recent numbers, we’ve had close to a 20% increase in production and continuous patient growth.”

Left to right: Keven Van De Wetering, Equipment Service Technician; Don Johnson, Field Sales Consultant; Nick Hinrichs, Regional Operations Manager; Clint Delander, Digital Technology Specialist; Dr. David Mach; Shawn Bengtson, Equipment Sales Specialist; Elizabeth Bailey, Regional Manager; Chris Swartz, Equipment Service Technician

Hutchinson Family Dentistry Floor Plan Designed by: Diane Stacey, Henry Schein National Design Group