Great Lakes Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center

“I enjoy coming in so much that I’m always early,” said Dr. Shuren.

He may not have known what a difference his new practice would have on his enthusiasm, but what Dr. Shuren did know was what he wanted in his new office, from its interior design and technology to the patient experience. His desire was to have a facility with cutting-edge equipment and an environment that was pleasing and attracted new patients and referrals.

“I wanted to practice in a facility that was state-of-the-art and would allow for a transition to digital radiography,” said Dr. Shuren. “I envisioned an office with top-of-the-line equipment and modern décor. It was important to me that I could be in control of every aspect of patient care.” That attention to detail has paid off. Referrals are up 30% since he opened the practice in 2009, and patients love the new space and details that make their experience more comfortable. One example is the separate private exit that the new office design created.

“I enjoy coming in so much that I’m always early,” said Dr. Shuren

“I’m really proud of the new patient flow between surgery and recovery. The layout is so efficient and well planned that I can literally walk a post op/post anesthesia patient right into the parking lot to their ride,” remarked Dr. Shuren.

Thoughtful Planning, Creative Execution

Carl Bernat, Field Sales Consultant for Henry Schein Canada, consulted with Dr. Shuren from day one of the project, scouting out potential sites with him and helping to negotiate for the selected location. Once the location was nailed down, they met several times to identify the doctor’s priorities and wish list for the office. Joining Bernat was a Henry Schein team of professionals who were tasked with taking the dream and turning it into actual plans and equipment: Branch Manager Andrew Tweedie, Equipment Service Technician Chad Pelletier, and Equipment Sales Specialist Cindy Petrie.

Working together, the Henry Schein team designed a look and functionality that allowed for smooth patient flow in a high-tech environment and introduction of digital technology. Bernat traveled with Dr. Shuren to the Chicago Midwinter Meeting for a

“shopping trip” of sorts, where the doctor got a close look at the small equipment and cabinetry Bernat had suggested as options. Later, they traveled to meet with a vendor to see the construction process and make final selections. During that visit, the group sat down and made custom design changes on-the-fly while the doctor was onsite.

“Together, we were able to go and see all of the equipment firsthand,” noted Bernat. “The vendor partners and the demos were very important in moving forward. The doctor also felt very comfortable with Henry Schein’s local support with service and sales.”

The research and time investment was well spent – the office turned out magnificent.

Soothing Palette Greets Patients

From the first step into Great Lakes, every part of the spacious interior is meant to set patients at ease and calm their nerves, which are often frayed before oral surgery. A wall of windows flood the waiting area with natural light. Different textures and finishes intermingle–the large loose–patterned granite on the front desk and the multicolored slices in the stone pillars bring a sense of serenity to the space that warms up the minimalist lines of the design. Inside the two fully equipped surgical suites and two consult rooms, soothing cream and beige wall colors set off the richness of the Midmark cabinets and ultraplush oral surgery chairs. Medical-grade nitrous oxide delivery ensures the comfort of the patient. Four additional suites are available for the doctor to enlarge the practice when the time is right.

Digital Technology Front and Center

Patients regularly comment on the beauty of the office, but their experience is more likely enhanced by equipment that may not be as obvious to them. The office is fully computerized which diminishes paper usage, and also allows the staff to attend to patients checking in and scheduling new appointments in a more timely way. Insurance-claim processing is more streamlined, saving time as well. Perhaps the biggest impact on patient care and staff efficiency, however, comes from the new digital-imaging technology provided by the digital pan and intraoral X-ray machines that allow staff and patients to view images right on monitors in the surgical suites and send them electronically when needed. In fact, Dr. Shuren is so pleased with the impact of the practice’s digital imaging equipment that he has already outfitted his X-ray room for the Cone Beam CT–not yet available in Ontario!

Mission Accomplished

“It was essential to Dr. Shuren that all of the equipment be state of the art, and it is,” concluded Bernat. “Because of our strong relationships with our vendors, he had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the manufacturers to be sure the equipment he liked was the best long-term choice for his goal of attracting not just additional patients but perhaps additional doctors in the future.”

Shuren credits his staff with helping him make key decisions on how the office should run. “Elise, Brandi and Maryjo–my staff–were instrumental in the development of this office,” said Dr. Shuren. “It’s been a lot of hard work for all of us,” he continued, “but I think it has allowed them to feel proud of the office and feel like it’s their office, too.”

Featured Equipment

  • Digital Doc Icon Camera
  • Midmark Cabinets
  • Midmark 641 Oral Surgery Chair
  • Midmark Bitmore Classic Chair
  • Midmark Ritter 354 lights
  • Midmark Ritter 355 lights